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Apple Adds New Privacy Tools to iOS 11.3 to Protect Users’ Data

Apple is pressing its privacy-conscious ethos by adding a new icon to iOS 11, showing when the company is using your personal information across its services.  

After installing the newly released iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4, and tvOS 11.3 software update, users are shown extra information about how personal information is shared with Apple, such as the App Store and iTunes.

The company will also let users delete their accounts entirely, or “deactivate” them so that no personal data is processed by Apple. A new section of Apple’s website in May will let users download all the data held by the company, such as photos and contacts.

They also provide an opportunity for Apple to press its privacy credentials, following two weeks of damaging headlines about Facebook and the company’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Apple says it takes a “comprehensive approach to privacy” and differs from other technology companies in selling hardware rather than online advertising. Its chief executive Tim Cook said earlier this week: “We could make a ton of money if we monetised our customer — if our customer was our product. We’ve elected not to do that.”

The software update, iOS 11.3, will see a mean iPhone users presented with a new icon and notice when they start up the phone and when using apps such as the App Store or Apple Music in which data is sent to the company.

The company says its services such as Siri do not collect as much personal data as rival assistants because it anonymises much of the information, and that information such as users’ fingerprints are kept on a device and never sent to the company.

Apple will introduce privacy tools on its website in May, ahead of the May 25 GDPR deadline, which allow users to delete all their user data. The process will take seven days, in order to stop malicious attempts to delete the information.

Deactivating accounts will mean users can pick up where they left off if they decide to come back to Apple, but that no data will be used in the meantime.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/03/29/apple-ios-update-adds-new-privacy-tools-protect-users-data/

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