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How to Cancel Apple Music on iPhone iPad

Summary: When you’re using Apple music a lot and want to know how to cancel Apple music on iPhone iPad, you can follow this page and have a try.

Apple music is great for most people, as it allows us to access the entire Apple music catalog of songs, playlists and videos ect. So it’s very important for us to know how to manage our Apple music subscription, including cancel Apple music on iPhone iPad. Now we’ll show you some detailed information about how to do it.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription on iPhone iPad

Now follow below steps and learn how to cancel Apple music subscription on iPhone iPad.

1.Open Apple music on your iPhone iPad, then click “For You” at the left bottom corner, and tap on profile image icon on the top left corner.

2.Then click “View Apple ID” at the bottom on the new page, and input your Apple ID and password.

3.Now tap on Subscription--Apple Music--Cancel Sunscription, and click “Confirm” to finish it.

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription with Mac

Also we can cancel Apple music subscription with Mac, see below steps.

1.Launch iTunes on your Mac, click “Account” in the menu bar at the top of your screen, and tap on “View My Account”.

2.Now input your Apple ID and password, then it will show up our account information screen.

3.Then scroll down to settings and find “Subscription”, now tap on “Manage”.

4.When we enter the new interface, click “Membership” and “Apple Music Membership”.

5.Then it will pop up us a nitification and ask if we need to turn off “Auto Renewal”, now tap on “Turn Off”.

Now it’s done.

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