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Tips to Check and Free Up iPad Storage

iPad, mostly used as the entertainment tool of taking photos and videos, watching movies and playing games. When you use the iPad for a period of time, are you suffering the problem that the storage of iPad is almost full? Did it prevent you doing something due to the storage problem? If you come up iPad storage full problem, what will you do next? No idea of how to free up iPad storage? Never mind. Here we will give you some tips to help you free up storage on iPad.

In order to free up iPad storage, you should find out the reason of it. So you need to check iPad storage and find out which one occupy the space most.

How to Check iPad Storage

If you don’t know how to check iPad storage, below we list two simple methods of how to check storage of iPad.

Method 1: Check iPad Storage from Device Directly

Go to Settings> General> Usage, wait for a while when it is loading, and then it will list the apps in iPad and how much space they are consuming. You can do some operation depend on the content and apps.

Method 2: Check iPad Storage from iTunes

You could also use iTunes to help you to check iPad storage.

1.Open iTunes and connect your iPad with computer.
2.Click the icon of your iPad on the top left of the interface.
3.In the bottom of the interface, you will see the bar which provide you with the storage information. It will be divided as per the type of content in your iPad
4.Move mouse over all different types of content to know more about the content and other options.

Tips to Free Up iPad Storage

After checking the storage on iPad, here we will share some tips for you to free up some storage on iPad.

Backup Photos and Videos to PC or iCloud

Normally, images and videos are the top content that occupy your iPad storage. If you can delete any videos and photos, that’s a great start. But if you do not want to delete these media, you could backup and transfer them to your PC or iCloud. To backup photos and videos to computer, you could use iTunes or iRefone to help you. You could read this article: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer for detailed guide.

Clear Safari Cache

Safari’s cache and the offline reading list might end up occupying much more space than you expect. You could go to Settings> General> Usage> Safari and tap on Edit button on the top right. You can delete the off reading list by tapping on the red delete button. However, even if you delete items from your offline list, they’ll still be there in your reading list.

Disable Automatic Download and Background Apps Refresh Service

Automatic download and background apps refresh service not only occupy iPad storage, but also slow down iPad when many apps are running at the same time. You could go to Settings> iTunes& App Store> Automatic Downloads to disable automatic download function. You could manually update apps on your iPad if needed.

Background apps refresh service should be closed for the same reason. You can disable Background apps refresh service in Settings> General> Usage> Background App Refresh.

Have you got the way to check and free up iPad storage? Just have fun with it.

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