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Couldn’t Sync Messages to iCloud

“I usually sync my messages to iCloud to keep them safe, but i couldn’t sync messages to iCloud this morning any more. How to fix it?”

After updating iPhone to iOS11/12, many people feedback that they couldn’t sync messages to iCloud. What happened? How to fix messages not syncing to iCloud issue? And how to sync messages to iCloud? Now you can find detailed information here. See below page.

Check Network Connection

Firstly, we’ll need to check our network connection issue when messages couldn’t be synced to iCloud.

Step 1. Open browser or other app on your iPhone, and search something or chat with your friends to check if it works properly.

Step 2. If not, go to Setting--Wifi, toggle it off and reconnect your iPhone with it to have a try.

Reset Network Setting

When we have reconnected our iPhone with Wifi, but it still doesn’t work, we can also try to reset network settings on our iPhone to fix the issue.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Reset.

Step 2. Then find and click Reset Network Setting, when it needs, enter your Apple ID password. When finish it, connect your iPhone with wifi again to have a try.

Reduce Message Files Size

When the size for message files is too big, it will take us more time to upload them, so we can reduce the size of our message files before syncing them.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--iPhone Storage.

Step 2. Then scroll down to find option “Message”, click it and you can see “Photo”, “Videos” and “Gifs” ect in its page.

Step 3. Now click “Photo” or “Video” that you need to remove to open it, then click “Edit”, and tap on Trash image icon to delete it.

Step 4. After reducing the size of your message files, you can upload them to iCloud to have a try.

How to Sync Messages to iCloud

Follow below steps and learn how to turn on message on iCloud and sync your messages to iCloud.

Step 1. Open iPhone, connect your iPhone with Wifi.

Step 2. Go to Setting--Apple ID--iCloud, then scroll down to find Message button, turn it on.

Step 3. Then it will begin syncing messages to iCloud when your iPhone is connected with Wifi.

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