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How to Delete Facebook Messages from Messenger on iPhone/iPad

Do you use Facebook Messenger app on your iOS device? If you had been living with Facebook Messenger for a while, you may build up a very long chat history within the Messenger on iPhone. Some of these chat history, like messages or conversations are a bit outdated and you want to clear up. Do you know the specific workflow of erasing the unwanted Facebook messages from Messenger? In fact, you have a few alternatives to erase your messages like eradicating the whole Facebook Messenger application or simply erase the messages you don`t wish to have them. In this guide, you'll have a better understand of deleting one or more messages and conversations on your iPhone or iPad.

Part 1: How to delete Facebook messages and conversations on iOS

1) How to delete one and multiple Facebook Messenger message(s) on iOS?

Step 1. Run the Facebook Messenger app from your iOS

Usually you will find the FB Messenger icon on your first screen and you just need to click on it. Instantly the app opens.

Step 2. Select the message or messages that you want to delete

You can delete your sent messages and also your received messages. Search your messages and select the message that you wish to erase.

Step 3. Delete the message

Press and hold the message with hand. Both buttons with Copy and Delete will show and you need just click "Delete" in order to erase that message. In this way, the message will disappear.


2) How to delete a Facebook Messenger conversation on iOS?

One movement of your finger can delete your entire conversation. Thus, you need to be attentive. All you need to do it is to move a conversation from right to left and this action will delete the entire conversation.

Step 1. Find your conversation

Scroll your list of conversations to find the one you want to delete. And you don't need to open the conversation; just move from right to left.

Step 2. Delete your conversation

You will have the option to "Delete" or "Archive" the conversation. If you choose the second option, the archived conversations are removed from your list but are still searchable. But if you selected first option, the deleted conversations are completely removed from your account. Tap the "Delete" button in order to erase that conversation.


Notes: Deleting of your messages from Facebook Messenger is an action that cannot be undone. If you consider that you will never need those messages or conversations, you should use the "Delete" option. Yet if you are not sure about messages and conversations that you might need in future, the best option for you it is to use "Archive" option. Archived messages and conversations will no longer be in your list, but you can find them in your account.

Part 2: How to Undelete Messages from Facebook Messenger

Sometimes you may accidentally delete the wrong thread with important messages and information contained. How can we recover the deleted Facebook messages? Facebook or its Messenger app for iPhone/iPad do not allow users to retrieve deleted messages or conversation within the Messenger app. Then is there any way to retrieve deleted Facebook messages and conversation on iPhone/iPad? The good news is that you can now use a third party app - iRefone for Mac to recover deleted messages from Facebook Messenger easily and quickly.

In addition to Facebook messages, it can also recover deleted data like WeChat messages, WhatsApp messages, contacts, iMessages, notes, calendars, photos, voice memos and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Also, if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your lost data, it can help you extract and restore lost data from backup selectively. If you are running on Windows, its equivalent Windows version is iRefone.


Part 3. Can We Unsend Facebook Messages Once the Messages Have Been Sent on iOS

Here are some tips for avoid accidentally send messages on Facebook messenger.

Method 1: Use the privacy settings from Facebook Messenger. If you set up good privacy settings, you can avoid the accidental messages from going public on Facebook. You can set your default privacy in this ways:

Privacy Setting. In the "Who Can See My Stuff?" section, you will view one option called "Who Can See My Posts?" and the possible answers are "Public", "Friends", and other options. Click on and select "Only Me" from this list with options. By choosing this option, your posts will be invisible to everyone else by default. Thus, for any post you can select the post sharing public just when you wish.


Method 2: The private messages you can delete them after sending but the recipient will still receive them. Thus you need to be careful when you send private messages. If you sent accidentally one message, maybe you wish to unsend it. There are several apps that can do the work for you like WeChat app for iOS that has a Message Recall feature.

Method 3: Maybe one desperate but easy way to stop immediately sending the message it is to turn on Airplane Mode in order to cut off any connections to that message. The latest versions of iOS offer quick toggles with the Control Center. Thus you can fast put a stop to the respective message. The message will be not sent and you have the option to delete it before turning Airplane Mode off.

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