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Different Ways to Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts

By default iPhone will only let users to delete only one contacts at a time, which is a very annoying process for anyone who has multiple contacts to delete. So is there a way to bulk delete iPhone contacts? Actually there are different ways for you to delete multiple contacts on iphone.

We will work you through these ways one by one and step by step. Before we begin, for the love of your data, please make sure to back up your contacts. You could use iTunes, iCloud and iRefone to make the backup.

Different Ways to Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts

Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts with Groups App

If you just want to delete a group of contacts on your iPhone, you can use the Groups App to help you.

1.Download the Groups app to your iPhone from App Store.
2.Launch the Groups app on your iPhone
3.Grant Group access to your contacts when prompted.
4.Go through your iPhone contacts and select these contacts you’d like to delete by tapping on the circle outline to the left of their name.
5.Tap Actions at the right top of the screen.
6.Choose Delete contacts...
7.Tap on Remove from my iPhone! to make sure that you want to delete these contacts from you iPhone.

It is done! Now you can check on your iPhone contacts app to make sure if these deleted contacts disappear on your list.

Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts from iCloud

If you have backed up your iPhone contacts to iCloud, you could delete multiple iPhone contacts with iCloud.

1.Log in to iCloud on your computer

2.Click on Contacts

3.Select multiple contacts. If you are using Mac, hold Command button and then click on each contact you want to remove. If you are using Windows PC, click on each contact while holding the Control (Ctrl) button.

4.Press Delete button on keyboard or click on Show Actions Menu on the bottom left to delete these contacts you selected.

The changes will be reflected as long as Contacts syncing is enabled.

Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts from Mac OS X

If you share the same iCloud account between your iPhone and Mac, you could multiple delete iPhone contacts on your Mac.

1.Launch Contacts app after locating it in /Applications/, in older OS X version it will named “Address Book”.
2.Click File and you will be presented with option
3.Choose Select All to wipe out all the names, phone numbers and other data. Or you can choose to delete one by one with the option of “Delete Cards”.
4.Confirm these deleted cards by clicking “Delete”

Note: Delete All the contacts in this way means the contacts on your Mac, iPhone and iCloud. Once you deleted them, there is no backup or address book for retrieving. Think it over and over again to make sure you are absolutely want to remove all the cards.

Editor’s advice: Backup is the best way to avoid data lost. During the process of cleaning your iPhone contacts, you’d better back the backup of contacts to avoid accidentally delete some important contacts. If you lost some contacts, you could use iRefone to help you recover them.

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