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“It’s so strange that i saw some apps on iPhone and it doesn’t allow me to install them on my iPad, and it only show me apps for iPad. Anyone knows how to download iPhone apps to iPad?”

There are plenty of apps in Apple app store for our iOS device, and some of them are available for both our iPhone and iPad, but some of them are only available for our iPhone. What if we want to download those iPhone -only apps to iPad? Like Snapchat, Instragram and some games ect. Actually it’s possible, and from this article, we’ll learn how to install iPhone apps on iPad, see below steps.

How to Download iPhone Apps to iPad

Now follow below steps and download some iPhone apps you need to iPad.

1. Open your iPad, go to App store.

2. Now search for the App name in the search bar that you need to download and install which is only for iPhone.

3. As it’s only for iPhone, so nothing will show up. Just click “Filter” which is next to search bar.

4. Then it will show us several options, find and click “Supports”, then tap on “iPhone Only”.

5. Now the app show appear on iPad app store, and we can click “Download”, “Buy” or “Get” button to download and install it on our iPad. And we can repeat this process to download and install other iPhone-only apps on iPad.

6. When finish downloading, we can go to home screen to check it.

Download iPhone Apps to iPad When Setting Up iPad

Also we can download iPhone apps to iPad when we set up iPad, and it’s suitable for we just get a new iPad and need to set up it.

1. Before set up your iPad, you need to do some backup of your iPhone on iCloud.

2. Then you can choose “Restore from Backups” that you have done for iPhone during set up your iPad. And you can refer to below article for how to set up your iPhone iPad.

How to Set Up New iPhone 7/7 Plus Correctly

3. Now it will help us download those apps again from the app store, and we’ll need to manually download them. Also we can enable auto download purchased apps on iPhone to iPad.

Now do you know how to download and install iPhone apps to iPad?

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