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Emergency SOS Feature Built in iOS 11

Since the release of iOS 11, many people are talking about its emergency SOS feature. But what is it? Anyone can show us more information about iOS 11 built-in feature emergency SOS?

SOS means visual distress signal, emergency SOS feature means we can send emergency calls with our iPhone when we’re in danger or emergency situation, and our iPhone will send calls to local emergency number. After enter SOS mode, iPhone will automatically send our emergency contacts a text message with our location. Now following are some more detailed information about iOS 11 built-in feature emergency SOS, please have a check.

Set Up Emergency Auto Call

Now follow below steps and see how to enable your emergency auto calls on iPhone, but please make sure your have updated your iPhone with iOS 11..

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Emergency SOS.

2.Then scroll down to find the option “Auto Call”, and turn it off.

3.And when you need to turn it off, just tap on the button again to make the button color grey.

How to Add Emergency Contacts

Then we’ll see how to add emergency contacts on your iPhone, follow below steps.

1.Now open your iPhone and go to home screen.

2.Then find and open Health app, click “Medical ID”, then “Edit”.

3.Now find and click “Emergency Contact” option, then tap on “+” to add emergency contacts, and input his information it needs. Then click “Done” to finish it.

How to Delete Emergency Contacts

When we don’t need to set someone as our emergency contacts, we can also delete it. See below steps.

1.Open your iPhone, go to home page and open Healthy app.

2.Then click Medical ID--Edit--Emergency Contacts, click “-” icon near your contacts to delete it.

3.Then confirm with “Delete”, and tap on “Done” to save it.

How to Make Emergency SOS Calls

Now after adding emergency contacts, we’ll see how to make emergency call, in case we’ll need it in future.

For new iPhone 8/iPhone X:

1.Now press power button and volume button together and hold on until we can see option “Emergency SOS” on our screen.

2.Then slide it to call emergency service or our emergency contacts. And at this time, if we still press and hold on power button and volume button, it will show up countdown with alert on our screen. When countdown ends, it will make SOS calls automatically.

For iPhone 7 or earlier iPhone:

1.Now press your power button quickly for 5 times, it will show up “Emergency SOS” option on home screen.

2.Then slide it to enter emergency service and make SOS calls. After the call, it will send our emergency contacts a text messages with our location.

If you don’t want to make calls any more, you can tap on “Stop Calling” to cancel it.

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