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Fix Cannot Connect App Store after Updating to iOS 10

Recently, we received some demands of our customers said that their iOS device can not connect App Store after update to iOS 10/10.2/10.3. This problem would be frustrated when you eager to download the app after updating to iOS 10. If you are plagued by this problem, in this guide, we will get over the steps of these possible solutions to help you fix the problem.
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How to Fix Cannot Connect to App Store after Updating to iOS 10.3

Method 1: Set Date & Time

1. Go to Settings -> General
2. Tap on Date & Time
3. If “Set Automatically” is toggled OFF, toggle it ON

Method 2: Sign out and Sign In Apple ID

1. Go to Settings -> iTunes and App Store
2. Tap on Apple ID. Then tap on Sign out
3. Sign in again. Enter Apple ID and password when prompted
If above two methods can not help you fix your problem , you could try the below method.

Method 3: Reset Network Settings

More often than not, restoring your network settings back to factory defaults can resolve the issue. To reset your iPhone or iPad’s network settings with below steps:

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset;
2. Choose “Reset Network Settings”.
Check if you are now able to connect to App Store. Note that when you reset your network settings, you’ll be turning everything back to factory defaults. So you’ll need to configure network settings and enter network passwords when you login again.

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