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[Fixed]Can’t Activate iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade

iOS 10 has been released for a period of time and even the fixed version iOS 10.3 will be released. However, part of users may still suffer from different trouble when updating to iOS 10, like data lost, network problem, iTunes error, etc. Among these problems, one of the common problem you may come up with is can’t activate iPhone after installing iOS 10. According to the statistics, it seems that this issue is affecting older models of the iPhones- iPhone 5s or earlier. For saving these people who are running the issue, we are sharing this guide to help you figure out the reasons causing the activation issues and some possible solutions to fix can’t activate iPhone.

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Reasons of iPhone Fails Activation After iOS 10 Update

Busy Apple Server: Imagine the amount of Apple devices in the world, and the fact that a significant proportion is always trying to contact the server. Despite Apple’s resources, it’s not uncommon for glitches to be borne out of high traffic, though very rare. Therefore, the activation server might just be temporarily unavailable the moment you were trying to activate your device.

iPhone not recognized: In this case, there’s a local error preventing your device from contacting the activation server. It could be wrong details, issues from your carrier or Wi-Fi couldn’t connect.

iTunes unable to verify your device: Another reason might be that iTunes cannot verify your device because of wrong login details.

Fix Can’t Activate iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade

Wait and Retry

Once the activation error happens, the simplest way is to wait for a moment before try again. This will work only when the problem is an error from Apple’s activation server.

Restart the Device

Another easiest solution to fix activation errors is to reboot iPhone, which is almost the usual way to remove many kinds of accident issues. Keep holing the Sleep/Wake button until the “Slide into power off” appear. Drag the slider to turn your iPhone completely off. Try activating the device again. If it doesn’t work, move to the next step.

Lock/Unlock SIM Status

Another problem worth examining is your SIM card/carrier. If, your phone is recently purchased from your carrier, it will not get activated until it is unlocked. In some cases, what is required is to contact your carrier and ask them to unlock your iPhone and SIM card. If your iPhone and SIM card has been unlocked before, then you can attempt to bring out your SIM from the iPhone and reinserting. Try activating your iPhone again.

Wi-Fi/ Network Issues

Another problem that could be preventing your iPhone from being activated is your WI-FI or network. Perhaps the gs.apple.com is blocked on some ports. Try connecting to another Wi-Fi to see if the problem is peculiar to the former WI-FI/network.

Reactivate via iTunes

To reactivate your iPhone via iTunes, do the following:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC and open iTunes (Make sure your iTunes is updated to the latest version).
Select your device from the left hand pane and you should see “Activate your iPhone” on your iTunes screen.
Enter your Apple ID login details and click ‘Continue” in the pop-up menu.

Reactivate via iCloud

To activate your iPhone through iCloud, follow the steps below:

Make sure your device is totally offline and turn it off.
Sign into your iCloud account and open “Find My iPhone”.
Select “All devices” and then select your device – the one that is not activated.
Select the “Remove from Account” option.
You can now activate your device afresh.

Restore iPhone

If all the aforementioned fail to work, then try performing a restore on your iPhone. To do this, follow the steps below:

Turn your iPhone off.
Plug in your device to your Mac or Windows computer.
Open iTunes and turn on your iPhone.
Once iTunes is detected, follow the prompt on the screen to restore your device.
Wait for the process to complete and then try reactivating your device again.

Send to Apple Support Agent

This is the last resort when you’ve tried all else. It’s very rare to try all the above and still come up short. In our experience, iPhones that have been jailbroken or tampered with in other ways usually have the activation problems. Restoring should work for most iPhones problems except of course the iPhone has been jailbroken.

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