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iPhone 7 Auto Lock Not Working, What to do?

“My friend call me and want to know what happened that i call her this morning but say nothing, i have no idea about it. Then i realise that my iPhone 7 dailed her number by itself, and it seems there is something wrong with my auto lock. How could i fix iPhone 7 auto lock not working issue?”

iPhone auto lock feature can help us lock our iPhone by itself when we don’t use it for a certain time, so it can help protect our privacy and also save some battery power, and won’t affect the use of our iPhone, because we can still receive messages and calls. But when it doesn’t work, it may bring us some trouble. Now here, we’ll show you some tips about how to fix iPhone 7 auto lock not working issue, read it and learn more.

Check iPhone Auto Lock Setting

Maybe we have just changed the settings of our iPhone auto lock, so it won’t lock by itself.

Now go to Setting--Display & Brightness--Auto Lock, then you can see the timer you have chosed.

If it’s with never, you can change it with 30 seconds, 1 minutes or 2 minutes, it’s according to your needs.

Restart iPhone

When your iPhone auto lock setting is correct, but it still doesn’t work, you can restart your iPhone to have a try.

Press power button and hold on until it appear option “Slide to close phone” on your screen, then slide it to close your phone.

After closing your iPhone, wait a minute, then press your power button and home button together and hold on until it shows Apple ID on home screen, then your iPhone will be open.

Now wait and try again if your iPhone auto lock working.

Disable Assistive Touch

When your assistive Touch is enable, now you can turn it off to have a try.

Go to Setting--General--Accessibility--Assisitive Touch, turn it off, when it’s off, the color will be grey.

Turn off iPhone Passcode

Also when we have set our iPhone with passcode, we can turn it off.

Go to Setting--Touch ID & Passcode, when it ask you to enter your passcode, just do it.

Then you can tap turn passcode off, and now restart your iPhone and turn your passcode on and try again.

Auto Lock Setting Grey Out

If your auto lock settings grey out, the reason may be that your iPhone is out of power, and it has be turned into Low Power Mode.

Now go to Setting--Battery--Low Power Mode, turn it off.

Also you can charge your iPhone and have a try.

After trying all those steps and it still doesn’t work, you can come to Apple store for more professional support.
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