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iPhone Charge Slow with iOS 12

“Is your iPhone charging slow with iOS 12?”

After updating iPhone with iOS 12, many people said their iPhone are charging slow, and it has been a common issue. If you’re also having this kind of issue, you can follow below page and fix your iPhone charge slow issue with iOS 12.

Hard Reset iPhone

First of all, we can try to hard reset our iPhone to have a try, then charge it again to see if the problem still exists.

Step 1. Press volume up button and quickly release it; press volume down button and quickly release it.

Step 2. Press power button and hold on until Apple Logo show up on your screen, wait a few seconds, your iPhone will be open. Then charge it again to have a try.

Enable Airplane Mode

You can also enable Airplane mode on your iPhone, then charge it.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Airplane Mode, now turn it on and charge your iPhone to have a try.

Step 2. You can also swipe up from the bottom to bring out Control Center, then enable Airplane Mode there.

Check iPhone Charger

Maybe there is some problem with your iPhone charger, so you can find another iPhone charger to charge your iPhone to have a try.

Turn off Wifi and Carrier Network

When we turn off Wifi and carrier network on our iPhone, apps on our iPhone will not run background, then charge our iPhone to have a try.

Step 1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Cellular--Cellular Data, then turn off the button to close your Wifi.

Step 2. Go to Setting--Carrier--Automatic, then turn off the button to close your carrier network.

Restore iPhone

Last, we can try to restore our iPhone to factory setting to have a try.

Step 1. Launch iTunes, connect your iPhone with PC. When it pops up a message asking you to Trust This Computer, click “Trust” and follow its instruction.

Step 2. When your iDevice appears, click its icon and go to Files--Summary, then you can see option “Restore iPhone” on the right page, click it.

Step 3. Then confirm it with “Restore”, now iTunes will erase your device and install the latest iOS software. When your iPhone restored to factory setting, you can charge your iPhone again to have a try.

Tips: If it still doesn’t work and your iPhone still charges slowly, you can bring your iPhone to Apple Store for help.

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