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iPhone Volume Not Working, How to Fix?

“I couldn’t hear any sound from my iPhone speaker when i play music or movies, but when i plug my headphones, i can hear voice through it, so it’s the problem of my iPhone volume. But how to fix iPhone volume not working issue?”

If you have the same problems, don’t worry, there are many reasons when our iPhone volume not working, and we can also find some ways to fix the issue. Now follow below article and we’ll show you some ways about how to fix iPhone volume not working issue.

The Reasons Why iPhone Volume Not Working

When there is some hardware or software of our iPhone, or there is some dirt on our iPhone speaker, volume control button not working ect. So we can try them one by one and find the one which cause our iPhone volume problem, see below steps.

Restart iPhone

Maybe there is some hardware issue with our iPhone, we can try to restart it to have a try.

1.Press power button and hold on for a while until it appears option “Slide to close phone” on your screen, slide it to close your iPhone.

2.Wait for one or two minutes, then press power button and home button together and hold on, then it will show up Apple log on your screen.

3.Then your iPhone will be restarted, now play music and try your iPhone volume again.

Turn Off Bluetooth

When our iPhone is sending audio to a Bluetooth accessory, our iPhone volume will not making sound also. So please make sure you have turned off Bluetooth.

Now go to Setting--Bluetooth, turn it off and try your iPhone volume again.

Adjust iPhone Volume Button

When the surrounding around you is vey noisy, and your volume button is with lower level, we may couldn’t hear the voice.

So please increase your volume level with volume button, which is on the left side of your iPhone.

Update iOS Version

When our iOS version is too old, there will be some issue with our usage of iPhone, now just update your iPhone with latest iOS version.

Go to Setting--General--Software Update, if there is new one, update your iPhone with it.

Clean Debris

When there is some debris on our speaker or headphone plug, it will also affect the volume of our iPhone.

Now find a clean cloth and brush to make it clean.

Then after check all those steps, your iPhone volume may work better now, and if not, you can bring your iPhone to Apple store or other professional people for support.
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