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[Fixed]iPhone X Won’t Unlock

“So strange, my iPhone X won’t unlock this morning. But I need to use it now, how could I fix iPhone X won’t unlock issue?”

Generally, there are two ways for us to unlock our iPhone, that is with Face ID and password. Now some people feedback that their Face ID failed to unlock their iPhone X, what happened? How do you fix iPhone X won’t unlock issue? Now follow below page and learn some tips and tricks.

Hard Reset iPhone X

Maybe our iPhone X is frozen, so we couldn’t unlock it, now we can do hard reset to have a try.

Step 1. Press volume up button and quickly release it; press volume down button and quickly release it.

Step 2. Press power button and hold on until Apple logo show up on the screen, then wait for a few seconds, your iPhone X will be restarted.

Step 3. After hard reset your iPhone X, now unlock it again to see if it works now.

Update iPhone X with Latest iOS Version

After hard reset your iPhone X, you can update your iPhone X with latest iOS version, if your iPhone X is with latest iOS version, you can check next method.

Step 1. Go to Setting--General--Software Update.

Step 2. When new iOS version is available, you can download it and install it on your iPhone X.

Step 3. After installing the latest iOS version, it may help us fix some bugs, now you can check if your iPhone X still has the issue that it won’t unlock properly.

Unlock iPhone X with Password

When you couldn’t unlock your iPhone X with Face ID, you can also try to unlock it with password.

Step 1. Click power button to open your iPhone X screen, then unlock it with your Face ID, when it recognizes your face, it will show up message “Swipe up to open”, then swipe up to open your iPhone X.

Step 2. If it couldn’t recognize your face, it will show up message “Swipe up to unlock” with lock image icon on the top of your screen. Then swipe up, and it will pop up a screen to enter your password, now input your password to unlock it.

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