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Troubleshoot Notes App keeps Crashing issue

“After updating my iPhone to iOS 11.2.2, my Notes app keeps crashing, so what’s happening? How could i troubleshoot Notes app keeps crashing issue?”

Every time when Apple release new iOS version, we just can’t wait to update our iPhone with it to enjoy new features. However, we may have some problems after updating our iPhone with new iOS version, like iPhone data loss, app crashing ect. But don’t worry, there are some ways can help us get them resolved, and here we’ll focus on show you how to troubleshoot Notes app keeps crashing issue.

Way 1. Restart iPhone

And mostly, our Notes app not working problem can be fixed by restarting our iPhone, so we can try to restart our iPhone to fix Notes app keeps crashing issue.

1.Press power button of your iPhone and hold on until it shows “Slide to power off” option, then slide it to close your iPhone.

2.Wait for a few seconds, then press power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo show up on you screen, then your iPhone will be open.

Way 2. Soft Reset iPhone

If Notes app still keeps crashing after restarting our iPhone, we can try to soft reset our iPhone to have a try.

Now press home button and power button together and hold on for about 10 seconds, wait until iPhone begin restarting itself.

Way 3. Disable Notes App on iCloud

After updating our iPhone with new iOS version, our Notes data will be synced to iCloud automatically, and it may cause our Notes app crashing.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & AppStore--iCloud.

2.Now scroll down to find Notes button, and turn it off. And you may get a prompt like “Delete from iPhone” to confirm the action.

3.Then click it and restart your iPhone, then go back to your Notes app and check if it works well.

Way 4. Close Background Apps

When we are launching many apps at the same time, our Notes app may not work well, so we can close other background apps to have a try.

1.Go to home screen, quickly double click home button, then all our background running apps will show up, we can swipe up to close them one by one.

2.Or we can double click our virtual home button quickly to bring our all our running apps, then swipe up to close them one by one.

Way 5. Disable Touch ID for Notes

Maybe you have enabled Touch ID security lock for our notes to keep it secure, but it won’t allow us to use our notes app once we enable this feature. So we can check it and disable it.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Notes--Password.

2.Then check if your Notes have been protected by Touch ID, if yes, disable it.

Way 6. Restore iPhone with iTunes Backup

We can also try to restore our iPhone with iTunes backup to fix Notes keeps crashing issue.

1.Launch iTunes, and connect your iPhone with PC.

2.When it’s recognized, click iPhone image icon. Go to Files--Summary, then you can tap on “Restore Backup” on the right page, and confirm with “Restore”.

Keep Notes Data Safe when It Kepps Crashing

When your Notes app keeps crashing, and you don’t want to lose any Notes data, you can do some backup of it. And here we recommand you iRefone.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software. It can not only help us backup more than 16 kinds of files selectively, but also can help us recover them even we have no backups, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. And it can be compatible with latest iOS version.

Now when you need, you can download and install the free trial version to keep your Notes data safe.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone with PC. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, and click “Start”.

Step 2. Then we’ll enter the new interface with many data icon and media icon that iRefone can recover, find and click “Notes” icon, and it will be scanned by the software.

Step 3. Wait a few seconds for scanning, then you can preview and choose Notes data you need to backup, tap on “Recover to PC” and choose folder path to save them.

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