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Fix The Most Annoying Feature on iPhone X

Summary: In this page, we will show you how to fix the most annoying feature on iPhone X.

Although iPhone X is an excellent iPhone for us, but there are still some annoying features on it, and many people are thinking about fix it. When you’re using an iPhone X and find some features that trouble you a lot, don’t worry, we’ll focus on show you how to fix the most annoying feature on iPhone X.

Notification are Hidden

On iPhone X, notifications are hidden by default, so when you would like to check your notifications at a glance, you can follow below steps and enable it.

Step 1. Open iPhone X, go to Setting--Notifications--Show Preview.

Step 2. Then find and click “Always”, now your notifications on iPhone X will show up with previews when your iPhone X is locked.

No Home Button

Some iPhone users are used to use home button on iPhone, when they get an iPhone X, they may miss it, as it can help us perform many functions by single clicking it or double click it. Now if you’re the one, you can follow below steps and set up virtual one.

Step 1. Open iPhone X, go to Setting--General--Accessibility.

Step 2. Then click “AssistiveTouch”, and turn it on. And you can also customize pop menu by clicking “Customize Top Level”.

Different Actions with Same Button

When we click same buttons to reset our iPhone, take screenshot and close apps ect, it just doesn’t work. Then how to do it? Now you can check below steps for detailed information:

Reset iPhone X: Press volume up button and quickly release it; Press volume down button and quickly release it; Press power button until you see Apple logo show up on your screen, and your iPhone X will be restarted.

Take Screenshot: You just need to press volume up button and power button together and release them, and you can see a photo flash after taking screenshot successfully.

Bring out Siri: You just need to press and hold power button for two seconds, then Siri will come to work.

Close Apps: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone X screen, then keep your finger in place for about two seconds. When you see open apps running background on a carousel of “Cards”, you can scroll left or right to find the one you need to close, then press it and hold on until you see a red icon with a white stripe, click it to close the app.

Now we have detailed some annoying features on iPhone X and show you their solutions, if you get some other annoying features on iPhone X, you can show them with us, and we can discuss some solutions for you here.

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