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How to Connect iPhone iPad with TV

Summary: When you want to enjoy the bigger display of your iPhone iPad videos on TV, and watch them together with your friends, you can follow this guide and connect your iPhone iPad with TV.

Connecting our iPhone iPad with TV is a great way to enjoy bigger screen and share videos with our friends and family, also we can also use it for meeting. Fortunately, there are some ways can help us connect our iPhone iPad with TV, and from this article, we’ll focus on guide you how to do it.

Method 1. Connect iPhone iPad with TV by Using a Cable

Firstly, we’ll show you how to connect your iPhone iPad to TV with a cable, which can be Apple’s digital AV Adapter. As your TV may be using TV’s HDMI port, so you will beed to buy a standard HDMI. See below steps.

1.Now connect your iPhone iPad as well as TV with the cable, and turn your TV’s input to the port.

2.Then plug the USB end of your cable into the adapter, and plug the other end into a power outlet. Now your TV will become a duplicate of the connected device’s screen, then you can play your iTunes videos.

Method 2. Connect iPhone iPad with Apple TV

When you’re using an Apple TV, things will be much easier.

1.Set up your Apple TV, and connect it with your home Wifi as your iPhone iPad does.

2.Swipe bottom up of your iPhone iPad on the home screen to enter Control Center, then find and click “Airplay Mirroring, and select your Apple TV.

3.Then your Apple TV will show up the screen of your iPhone iPad does, and you can also use AirPlay to play media from your iPhone to TV.

Method 3. Connect iPhone iPad with Android TV Stick

When you have an Android-powered TV stick, you can follow below steps and connect your iPhone iPad with Android TV stick.

1.Find an Android-powered TV stick, plug it at the back of your TV and install the Kodi Media Server App, and it’s also known as XBMC.

2.Then Android TV stick can help us play unprotected music and video from from the built-in apps on your iPhone iPad by using AirPlay button.

Remark: But it won’t support screen mirroring or protected video streaming, also the sticks may be slow and unreliable.
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