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How to Fix Computer Not Recognize iPhone

“When I connect my iPhone with computer to backup my iPhone, the computer can not recognize it. I tried to reconnect it but still failed. What’s wrong with my iPhone and how can I fix this problem?”

Have you ever suffer from the trouble as above users that when you need to connect your iPhone with computer, but computer can not detect or recognize the iPhone? The problem would be panic when you need your iPhone to be connected with computer in a hurry. How can we fix this computer can not recognize iPhone? Actually, this issues can be caused by different factors, so there is no single solution to fix it. In this article, we try to summarize all the solutions that have been known to work with the problem. Follow the article and try them one by one.

Basic Solutions

-Restart your iPhone and computer. Then try connecting your iPhone to Windows 10/8/7 computer and see if the issue is resolved.

-Give the computer a few minutes to detect the device upon connecting.

-Connect iPhone to another USB port on PC.

-Try using another USB cable. You'd better use the original Apple cable.

-Try installing or reinstalling latest version of iTunes.

-Upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS.

-If Auto-Lock is on, unlock the iPhone with your password. (Forgot iPhone passcode?)

-Trust the computer on prompt when connecting iOS device.

Check Mobile Device Support, Service and USB Driver

If above basic solutions can not fix the trouble that computer can not recognize iPhone, it is recommend to install or reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Support service and USB drive.

Check if Apple Mobile Device Support is installed

Go to the Control Panel > Uninstall a program to check if Apple Mobile Device Support is installed. If not, you need to reinstall iTunes.
Start the Apple Mobile Device Service Again

Go to Start > Run or press Windows key + R and type 'services.msc' in the text field and hit Enter. Then, Locate Apple Mobile Device or Apple Mobile Device Service. Press right-click and then go to Properties. Click Stop to end the service. Click Start to restart the service again and then reboot your computer.
Check the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Type devmgmt.msc from Start > Run (or press Windows key + R) and then hit Enter. Then, expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers entry in device manager and verify if the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is listed.
If not listed, you just need to reinstall iTunes and connect your iPhone to PC. The computer will then automatically install the drivers for you.

If you see a "!" next to the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver entry, right-click on the entry and choose "Enable".
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