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How to Fix iOS 10 iPhone Slow Problem

Many iPhone users who downloaded and installed the iOS 10 may suffer from the problem that iPhone running slowly. Slow iOS 10 iPhone problem usually makes users embarrassing, in particular for those old iPhone models.

iOS 10 iPhone slow can be a frustrating experience, but there are a few tips can be taken to improve slow iOS 10 iPhone performance. Here we provide the most comprehensive tips for you to learn how to fix iOS 10 slow problem on iPhone 7/6S/6 Plus/5S/5.

1. Close All Apps Running in Background

Either your iPhone is running on iOS 9, or iOS 10, if there are many apps running in background, the iPhone will go sluggish, especially when you open a big app. You could improve slow iPhone performance by shutting down all the open apps. Below steps will show you how to close these apps that running in background.

1.Double-click the Home button to bring up all of the apps currently running in background.
2.Swipe upwards to turn off the apps.

2. Reduce Transparency

Some devices seem to struggle to render visual effects on iOS 10. You can speed up the general interactivity of iOS to disable transparency.

1.Go Settings> General> Accessibility.

2.Scroll down and tap on Increase Contrast.

3.Tap on the Reduce Transparency toggle to enable it.

3. Reduce Motion

iOS has a lot of fancy animations that can take up resources and cause some overall lag. You can easily turn these off to fix iOS 10 slow problem. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility, tap on Reduce Motion to turn on the feature.

4. Disabling Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh feature could allow background app activity in iOS. However, if you enable this feature, it may decrease the device performance. You could disable Background App Refresh as not every app need it. Go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh to turn off this feature, or you could disable the apps which do not need this feature.

5. Disabling Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions is one of the most notable new abilities of iOS 10. But it is also one of the reason that slow down your iPhone. Turning it off could improve slow iOS 10 iPhone problem. Go to Settings> General> Spotlight Suggestions, select Spotlight Suggestions, turn the feature Siri Suggestion off.

These are the tips to fix iOS 10 iPhone slow problem. Other iOS 10 data recovery issues, please view iRefone website for more help.
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