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Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Issue

“Last light, when i got home, it was late, so i want to use my iPhone flashlight to light up my house and get to my bed without disturbing my family, but it didn’t work. So anyone can show me how to solve iPhone flashlight not working problem?”

What is flashlight on iPhone? We can simply comprehend it as the LED light on our iPhone, which can doubles as a flashlight. When we’re in a dark environment, we can use it to light up our places. But sometimes our iPhone flashlight just doesn’t work any more, then how to fix iPhone flashlight not working issue?

Following are some tips about how to fix our iPhone flashlight not working problem, please have a try.

Restart iPhone

Restarting our iPhone can always help us solve some small hardware issue and software issue, now we can also try it.

1.Press your power button and hold on until it shows up notification “Slide to power off”, now slide it to close your iPhone.

2.Then wait a few minutes, press your power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo show up, and your iPhone will be restarted.

3.Now try your iPhone flashlight again.

Update iPhone with Latest iOS Version

Also we can try to update our iPhone with latest iOS version, it can help us solve some compatible bugs, also it will have some improvements.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Software Update.

2.Click it, and if there is some new version there, download and install it on your iPhone.

3.When finish it, check if your iPhone flashlight works now.

Reset All Setting

Now we’ll see how to reset our iPhone with original settings to fix our iPhone flashlight issue.

Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Reset--Reset All Setting.

Restore iPhone with iTunes

When your iPhone flashlight still doesn’t work, you can try to restore your iPhone with iTunes, but we may lose some iPhone data.

1.Launch iTunes, and connect your iPhone with PC.

2.When it’s recognized, click iPhone image icon, go to Files--Summary, and tap on “Restore iPhone”, then confirm with “Restore”.

Check iPhone LED Flash Setting

Also when we set our iPhone LED flash with wrong settings, it may also won’t work.

1.Turn on iPhone LED Flash.

Go to Setting--General--Accessibility, then scroll down to find “LED Flash” button, turn it on.

2.Lock iPhone.

Our iPhone flashlight works when our iPhone is locked, so please lock your iPhone when you want to use iPhone flashlight.

3.Turn off Do Not Disturb.

When we turn on “Do Not Disturb” option, our iPhone flashlight won’t work, so please turn it off.

Swipe up from bottom of your iPhone screen to enter Control Center to have a check, and turn it off when it’s on.

4.Turn off Low Power Mode.

When “Low Power Mode” is on, our iPhone flashlight may not work properly, so please turn it off.

Go to Setting--Battery--Low Power Mode, turn it off.
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