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iPhone Randomly Restart? How to Fix?

One annoying issue that crops up for some iOS users is iPhone randomly restart. Seemingly out of nowhere and at random, the iPhone restarts itself. There is an Apple logo before the device boots back yo and is usable again. Although it is mostly a software issues, it is also likely that you may have damaged some hardware components, causing the device to behave unusually. And below we offer you some basic tips to fix this problem.


Before you start below tips to fix iPhone randomly restart, you’d better backup your iPhone. The reason of backup is that these tips will require you to erase your iOS device. And backing up device before you take action also protects your data from loss due to misoperation.

Situation 1: If iPhone Keeps Restarting While Charging or Connecting

Clean Device’s Lighting Port

If your iPhone keeps turning off and then turning on while charging or plugging in a headphone, clearing lightning port on your device may be helpful. Because the Lint, dust or other debris collected in the ports would result in bad electrical connection and the charging problem. To clean junks in charging port and headphone jack, you can use a toothpick, a bobby pin, a small needle or a can of compressed air.

Change Another Cable, Charger, Connector or Battery

You can change another cable and charger and try again. Maybe your bad cable and charger make your device cannot be charged normally. As a result, it keeps turning off and then turning on. If your iOS device is in warranty, you can take it to Apple customer store, staff in Apple store will check which part of your iPhone lead to this problem, and help you fix the problem by replacing the bad part, such as cable, charger, connector or battery.

Situation 2: iPhone Keeps Randomly Restart

Force Restart iPhone

The first thing you should try when faced with an iOS software issue is a hard reset. It is a simple procedure that can fix just about any issue. To do it, hold down the Sleep/Wake and the Home Buttons together until you see the Apple Logo. Release the buttons and the device should restart. If the problem goes away, good. If it doesn’t, read on.

Reset All Settings

You can try to reset all settings on your iOS device to make it run in normal. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This method will not remove any data on your device. It just reset all settings to factory default.
Update iPhone’ s iOS Software

An iOS update comes with a lot of bug fixes so jut updating your iOS could eliminate the problem. Connect the device to Wi-Fi and a power source and then follow these simple steps to do it.

Step 1: On your device go to Settings > General > Software Update

Step 2: The device will search for new Updates. If any are found, click on “Install” to begin installing the update.
Step 3: When the update is complete, the device will restart. If the problem isn’t gone after the update, try our third solution.

Delete or Update Apps

Some apps may make your iPhone and iPad keeps crashing and restarting after you run them on your device. If you face this problem, you can try to delete the app from your device, or update it to latest version.

Restore iPhone Using iTunes

You could also restore your device using iTunes. This may fix the problem since it erases all the contents and settings and there may be a setting that is causing the device to restart. But you may want to back up the device before doing this since all your data will be erased.

Step 1: Connect the device to your computer and then launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click on the device when it appears in iTunes and then choose “Restore iPhone”.

Step 3: Select a relevant backup and then click “Restore” and keep the device connected while it restores.
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