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Resend iMessages to Fix “Not Delivered” Error

“This morning when i send some iMessages to my friends, it failed with error message “Not Delivered”. What’s happening, is it possible for me to resend iMessages to fix not delivered error?”

When you come across issue with iMessage “Not Delevered” error, the issue may be caused with many different reasons. And you can also try to resend iMessages to fix “Not Delivered” error firstly, before doing it, you may need to check your internet connection or cellular connection. See below page.

Resend iMessages on iPhone iPad

Firstly we’ll see how to resend iMessages to fix “Not Delivered” error, follow below steps.

1.Unlock your iPhone, open Message app, and go to message conversation that you failed to send iMessages.

2.When you failed to send iMessages, there will be red word “Not Delivered” at the end of your messages, click red image icon “!” next to it.

3.Then we can see option “Try Again”, click it. If it’s sent successfully, there will be no “Not Delivered” error next to it.

Turn on Send as SMS

When you send an iMessage to your friends failed with error “Not Delivered”, you can also turn on “Send as SMS” to have a try.

1.Unlock your iPhone, go to Setting--Messages.

2.Then you can see option “Send as SMS”, turn it on. And when it’s on, then button will be with green color.

Now try to send your message again.

Reset Network Setting

When there is something wrong with your network, you can also reset your networking setting to have a try, and it won’t delete our iPhone data, but we’ll need to reconnect our iPhone with network.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Reset.

2.Then you can see option “Reset Network Settings”, click it. When finish it, reconnect your iPhone with network and enter its password to connect it and try to send your iMessages again.

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