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How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage

Once you sent iMessages to friend but receive no response, sometimes you may doubt whether your friend receive it or not, but sometimes you may think if someone has blocked you on iMessage. When someone block you on iMessage, the message is still sent, but the person is never notified and the message never shows up. Thus, many people may hope to know if has been blocked by someone on iMessage. In this article, we offer several ways about how to confirm if someone has blocked you on iMessages. Read on and find what is useful for you.

Method 1: Check the Color of iMessages You Sent

If you send an iMessage in color blue to your friend, but it never says Delivered and after a few minutes the iMessage turns green.....Well, we cannot say that you definitely have been blocked by the friend via the simple color sign. However, in the digital era, it is pretty unlikely that the iMessage network doesn’t work and the iMessage you sent have to revert back as a text message. And we have a simple remedy to this. Just keep sending iMessages intermittently and if they all turn green from blue, then unhappily, you have been blocked definitely.

Method 2: Check the Status of iMessages You Sent

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Well, to know if you're blocked on iMessage is hard and the second tip may be not perfect but it is still worth a try. Generally, iPhone users turn on the Send Read Receipts for messages in Settings, and actually the default setting of the option is ON. If you send an iMessage to friend’s iPhone, and it stays blue saying Delivered but never turns to Read, then probably you've been blocked. And similar with the first tip, there's a small percentage that the receiver turns off his or her Send Read Receipts function.

Method 3: Check the Status of iMessages on Both iPhone and MacBook

The third tip is suitable for iPhone users who have a MacBook. And it's very easy. Just send an iMessage through either your iPhone or MacBook. Your iPhone will always show a Delivered icon under the iMessage. However, if you have been blocked by your friend, the MacBook shows NOTHING under the iMessage. The MacBook doesn’t show any Delivered or Read sign.
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