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Methods to Lock Notes with Password or Touch ID

With Notes app on iPhone iPad, we can easily take some plans, inspiration and some other important data on it. When there is some kind of private data there, we may want to keep them secure and avoid other people seeing it, then lock it will be a good choice. Now from this article, we’ll learn some methods about how to lock Notes with password or Touch ID, and when we lock it, only the one who knows the password can check it.

How to Lock Notes with Password or Touch ID

Now we’ll see how to lock Notes with password, and please make sure your iPhone is with iOS 9.3 or later version.

1.Open Notes app on your iPhone and find the notes you need to lock with password.

2.Then find and click “Share” option on the top right corner, and it will pop up several options.

3.Now find and click “Lock Notes” option, and create password for it.

4.Also when we need to lock them with Touch ID, we can turn on Touch ID button.

Set Notes Password in Setting

We can also lock Notes from our iPhone settings, you can follow below steps for detailed information.

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Notes--Password.

2.Then you can enter the password you need to set, and Notes on all your iOS device will be locked.

3.And you’ll need to enter password again for verifying, also you can add a hint in case you lost your password.

4.When you need, you can also turn on Touch ID if you want to unlock your Notes with fingerprint.

How to Unlock Notes

When you want to view those Notes, you can also unlock it with the password you have set. Now you can follow below steps and unlock it.

Open Notes app, and unlock it with the password you have set, also you can unlock it with Touch ID when you have turned it on.

Re-lock Notes

Notes will lock automaticall when we lock or reboot our iPhone iPad, and we can also relock the notes from our Notes App manually.

1.Open Notes app on your iPhone, and unlock it with password or Touch ID.

2.Then click the notes we need to view and tap on “Lock” image icon to lock it.

Now this notes is double locked, and you will need to re-unlock it when you need to view it.

View Notes When Forget Password

What to do when we forget the password? How could we view our locked Notes? Now follow below steps and fix it.

1.When you forget the password, after three times failed password, you will get some hints about your password. Then we can get them back and try again.

2.But when you completely forget your password, you can go to Setting--Notes--Password, and reset your Notes passworn with your Apple ID password. And it won’t delete our Notes.

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