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How to Manage iPhone Data Usage

Cellular data on iPhone allows us to use internet wireless without Wifi connection, but it’s always with its limited data plan, so we may be worried about if our iPhone data usage is full or not? Now stop wondering about it, just take some action to check and manage your iPhone data usage. Here we’ll show you how to manage iPhone data usage, also we can check our cellular data usage.

Firstly, we’ll learn how to check our iPhone data usage, then take some actions according to our data usage.

Check iPhone Data Usage

Now follow below steps and check your iPhone data usage.

1.Open your iPhone, and go to Setting--Cellular Data / Mobile Data.

2.Then scroll down and we’ll see all our app data usage list under “Current Period”, and here we can see our iPhone data usage in the current month.

3.When you need to check each app about its data usage, you can just tap on its button and check it.

Switch Cellular Data Off

When your iPhone cellular data is almost used up, we can buy more or we just switch cellular data off, then we couldn’t use it.

1.Open your iPhone and go to Setting.

2.Then find “Cellular Data” or “Mobile Data”, and there will be several option under it. You can turn off them accroding to yours needs, or you can just turn off “Cellular Data” button.

3.When turn off “Cellular Data” button, we couldn’t use cellular data any more.

Turn Off Cellular Data for Specific Apps

From part one, we can check our iPhone data usage, now we can also turn off just some specific app data usage according to it. Also we can also prevent iTunes and App store from auto downloads.

And it’s suitable for there are still some cellular data left, and we can manage and limit our usage.

1.Go to Setting--iTunes & App Store, then scroll down bottom and find option “Use Mobile Data”, turn it off.

2.Also we can go to Setting--Cellular Data / Mobile Data, then scroll down and find app data usage.

3.Then turn off related app button, then we won’t use this app with cellular data.

Turn on Cellular Data

When we need to use some app or doing some urgent things with your iPhone, or you just turn off your cellular data and forget to turn it on when you get enough cellular data, you can follow below steps.

1.Open your iPhone and go to Setting--Cellular.

2.Then find “Cellular Data” option and turn it on, when it’s on, the button will be with green color.

Now just follow above tips and take some action to prevent your cellular data beening used up.
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