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Rearrange Home Screen on iPhone with iOS 11

“After using my iPhone for months, i download many third-party apps and use them quite a lot. But every time i will need swipe home screen to second page to find them, are there any ways can help me rearrange my home screen on iPhone with iOS 11?”

Great news is that we can move apps on our home screen, but it will just take us a long time to do it. Now when your iPhone is updated with iOS 11, things will be much easier. Now follow below page and we’ll show you some methods about how to rearrange home screen on your iPhone with iOS 11.

Rearrange Apps on iPhone Home Screen with Drag and Drop Feature

Firstly we will introduce you how to move your apps icon with drag and drop feature, now follow below steps.

1. Open your iPhone and go to home screen. Then tap on one of the apps you need to move and hold on until it’s shaking with “x” image. Please note don’t click “x” image, otherwise you’ll delete your apps.

2. Then you can move this app icon to the place you need to place it, and also you can use other fingers to move other app icons to move them.

3. When you get plenty of app icons that need to be moved, you can also create a folder by draging one of the shaking icon to another one, when they overlap, new folder will be created.

4. And you can repeat this process to move all the apps you need to rearrange.

Get Back Original Home Screen

When if you don’t want to use your rearranged home screen and need go back to original ones? Now you can follow below steps and reset your home screen.

1. Open your iPhone and go to home screen.

2. Then go to Setting--General--Reset, now find and click “Reset Home Screen Layout”.

3. When finish reset your home screen, you can go back to your home screen and move your apps again.

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