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Ways to Record FaceTime Call on iPhone

FaceTime is a videotelephony product developed by Apple, and it supports us to do free video calls with our friends via iOS device and Mac. And many people are using it to contact their friends and family, so it’s considered as one of the most used apps. Then some people may think about record their FaceTime call on iPhone, now what to do?

From this article, we’ll learn some detailed information about how to use FaceTime and record FaceTime call on iPhone, see below page.

How to Make FaceTime Call on iPhone

Firstly we should notice that FaceTime can only be use on iPhone 4 or later generation, iPad Pro and iPad with 3rd generation or later. Now after making sure your iOS device supports FaceTime, we’ll see how to use it.

1. Now open your iPhone, go to Setting--FaceTime, log in it with your Apple ID and password.

2. Then you can enter the contact’s phone number that you need to make FaceTime call in FaceTime app. Please note, when you click video image icon, it will make video chat, when you click phone call image icon, it will make audio call.

3. And when you’re using iPhone with iOS 8 or later, you can also make call waiting during FaceTime audio call. When other FaceTime call comes in, you can click related option you need, like End & Accept, Send to Voicemail, Hold & Accept.

Record FaceTime Call on Mac

To record FaceTime call on Mac, we can use QuickTime for help.

1. Open QuickTime app on your Mac from your application folder.

2. Then click Files--New Screen Recording, and click Arrow which is next to Record button.

3. Now find and click “Internal Microphone” and open your FaceTime, then click Record button in FaceTime.

4. Then click the screen to to record your whole screen, and you can also click and drag over FaceTime window to record FaceTime. Now we can begin the FaceTime call.

5. When finish recording FaceTime call, we can click Stop Recording button in the menu bar.

6. Then click Files--Save in your QuickTime menu bar, and you can name the recording, and choose folder path to save it. And confirm with “Save”.

Record FaceTime Call on iPhone with Mac

We can also record FaceTime call on iPhone with Mac, see below steps.

1. Firstly, we’ll need to connect our iPhone or iPad with Mac, then open QuickTime on Mac from application folder.

2. Now click Files--New Movie Recording, and click Arrow which is next to Record button.

3. Then find and click “iPhone” from the list, and unlock your iPhone, and its dispaly will appear in QuickTime on your Mac.

4. Also please make sure volume bar in your QuickTime is turned on, now open FaceTime on your iPhone.

5. When finish it, click Record button in QuickTime on your Mac, and make FaceTime call on your iPhone.

6. And you can click Stop Recording button in QuickTime when finish it, then click Files--Save to save it.

Now do you know how to record your FaceTime call on your iPhone now?

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