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How to Recover Data If iCloud Backup Unable to be Accessed

“I found that my Apple ID has been compromised which makes me can not access and restore data in iCloud backup. Now I need to recover some data in iCloud. Can anyone help me please, any suggestions would be really appreciated.”

With portable devices, there’s always a risk of losing or damaging your hardware when you’re out and about. As such, it makes sense to make regular backups of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iCloud. However, sometimes your Apple ID would be compromised.

Steps to gain control of your Apple ID if you think your Apple ID was compromised.

1. Sign in to your Apple ID account page to confirm or go to iforgot.apple.com to reset or unlock your account.
2. Change your Apple ID password, and choose a strong password.
3. Review and update all the personal and security information in your account.
4. Check to make sure that you control every email address associated with your Apple ID.
5. Set up two-step verification or two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

Once your Apple ID is compromised and you are unable to access and restore data from iCloud, how to recover these data in iCloud? Don’t panic. iRefone can help you.

As the professional iOS data recovery software, iRefone could help you recover data if iCloud backup unable to be accessed. Even if you’ve never backed up before, it can be an arduous work to find your data on iOS devices directly. With iTunes or iCloud backup, it enables you to access and extract data in backup. It supports to recover data including messages, notes, contacts, call history, photos, whatsapp, wechat and more.

Compared to traditional recovery method, you don’t have to erased any existing data, you can recover data if iCloud backup is unavailable right through your device without wiping any data. Choose the version you need and free download the trail version of iRefone.

How to Recover Data If iCloud Backup Unable to be Accessed

Step 1: Run iRefone and choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” as recovery mode. Then you will see the interface below. Log in to iCloud account with Apple ID and password.

Step 2: After log into iCloud account, the program can find all iCloud backup backup files in your iCloud account. Choose one iCloud backup you need to recover data and click “Download” to start the download of your iCloud backup.

Note: Once you click “Download” button, it will not start downloading directly. It will ask you select the data you want to download from the backup. This will need less time than downloading the whole data. Just choose the data you need.

Step 3 : When the downloading is finished, it will ask you choose the data you want to preview as other two recovery mode. So, just choose the data you need and click on the icon.

Step 4: The last step is also preview these data in the software you can choose these one you need to recover to PC or device.

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