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How to Reduce iPhone Video Storage

Nowadays, iPhone is not only regard as the communication tool, but also the video recorder due to the video recording capabilities. However, these videos would eat much storage which makes you come up with the problem that there is not enough storage on your iPhone. Then you may hope to find some ways to help you reduce iPhone video storage. This article aims to help you solve this problem.

Tip: How to Check If Videos Run Out of iPhone Storage

Follow below steps to check what has eaten up the memory in your iPhone.

1.Go to “Setting” on your iPhone.
2.Select the "General" tab and then select "Storage & iCloud Usage".
3.Tap "Manage Storage" under "STORAGE".
4.Then you will be able to see how the stored files are distributed. If you capture a lot of videos through your iPhone, you would see that a lot of storage space has been consumed by the videos.

Method 1: Backup Videos to iCloud

Back up videos to iCloud and then delete these videos on your iPhone is a good way to reduce iPhone videos storage. Follow below steps to upload your videos to iCloud.

1. Open Settings on your iOS device.

2. Tap on iCloud >> Photos.

3. Flip the iCloud Photo Library switch to the ON.

4. Tap Optimize iPhone Storage to replace full-resolution photos and videos with device-optimized versions while keeping originals in iCloud.

5. Tap iCloud Photo Sharing if you want to share them with others.

6. Launch Photos on your Mac.

7. Choose Preferences in the Photos menu.

Method 2: Reduce Videos Quality

Another method for you to reduce iPhone video storage is reduce the video capture quality of your iPhone. This can be done via the video camera settings of your device. If you reduce the capture quality, you will be able to save a tremendous amount of storage space. Remember to choose the quality of videos before you record the videos.
Additional Tip:

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