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Two Ways to Remove iPhone X Notch from Locked Screen

“The notch makes my iPhone X looks smaller, is there any way can help me remove my iPhone X notch from locked screen?”

One of the main feature of iPhone X is its full screen design, which makes our screen bigger without Touch ID, but the notch at top of iPhone X screen has just spoiled the experience for many iPhone X users. Now we’ll think about removing them, fortunately it supports us to remove iPhone X notch from home screen or locked screen, now follow below steps and see how to do it.

Remove iPhone X Notch with Third-party Software

The easiest way for us to remove iPhone X notch is with some third-party software, like Notcho, and Notch Remover ect. And they can be download from iTunes or App store.

Now we will take Notch Remover app for example, check below steps.

1. Open your iPhone X and download Notch Remover on it and launch the app.

2. Then you’ll see two options on your screen, choose and click “Select Image”.

3. Now you can view the photos from your camera roll and choose the one as your wallpaper, and tap on “Save” to the converted the photo as your wallpaper and save them in your photo library.

4. After doing that, go to your home screen, and go to Setting--Wallpaper--Choose New Wallpaper, then you can choose the wallpaper you need, and zoom in or zoom out to make black bar display correctly.

5. When finish it, click “Set”, and choose “Set Lock Screen”, “Set Home Screen” or “Set Both”.

Now you can go back to your home screen, and your iPhone X notch will be removed.

Remove iPhone X Notch with Wallpaper

Also we can download some official iPhone X wallpaper and set it on our iPhone X to make the notch disappear.

1. When download iPhone X official wallpaper, you can tap on background image and hold on, then you can tap on “Save Image” and open photos from your iPhone X home screen.

2. Now choose your recently saved wallpaper and click it, then tap on “Share” button and click “Use as Wallpaper” option.

3. Then press your wallpaper and drag it to fits properly on your iPhone X screen, and make your notch disappear.

Now have you got the ways to remove your iPhone X notch? Any issues about iOS data recovery problems, you can also leave us a message.

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