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Remove Stickers from Messages on iPhone iPad

Since iOS 10, Apple add sticker features to our messages on iPhone and iPad, then we can paste stickers on the top of our text, and adjust their size. But sometimes we may think its annoying and want to remove it, but how could we remove stickers from messages on iPhone iPad?

Removing stickers from message can be useful when those stickers are obstructing a particular message or image from being readable or viewable, and when you also want to know how to use it and remove sticker from messages, you can follow below page and we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Use Stickers in Message on iPhone iPad

Firstly we’ll see how to use stickers in Message app, before doing it, you’ll need to make sure if you have installed sticker packs, and you can install them from your App store. See below steps.

1.Unlock your iPhone iPad, and open Message app from home screen.

2.Tap on the message conversation or create a new conversation, then click “Apps” button at the left of message entry field to enter message app drawer at the bottom of your page.

3.Now you can select your used stickers in Recents or choose a specific sticker from your installed sticker packs..

Remove Stickers from Message on iPhone iPad

When some stickers obstruct your messages, you may want to remove them, now see below steps and remove them.

1.Unlock your iPhone iPad, open your message app and find the conversation with stickers that you need to remove.

2.Click the stickers and hold on until it shows up option “Sticker Details”, click it.

3.Then slide left of the sticker to bring out option “Delete”, and tap on “Delete”, then this stiker will be deleted, and you can repeat this process to delete more stickers.

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