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[Fixed]How to Remove Virus from iPhone

“My iPhone keeps restart itself and someone told me it was attacked by virus.I am not sure when and how did I make it happen. I just ask how can I remove virus from iPhone to make my iPhone work again. Thanks for help.”

It is hardly for iPhone to get virus as the Eco system is friendly and the developers are been told to rectify bugs or missing links in their app before publishing it on the Apple Store ,so as of now virus probability is ruled out. But if you jailbreak your iPhone, It is possible that you may get virus. Once your iPhone has been acting weird lately and you suspect that this is because of a virus, have a try of below methods to remove virus from iPhone.

Method 1: Factory Reset

The easiest way to remove virus from iPhone is factory reset. Factory reset would remove all of the data on your iPhone including virus. Before do this, remember to make the backup of your iPhone to avoid data loss. Follow below step to factory reset iPhone.

1.Go to Setting> General> Reset
2.Select Erase All Contents and Settings and then enter the passcode to start the reset process.

Method 2: Clear History and Website Data

Virus often attack your iPhone in the form of increased pop-up ads. If you are being redirected to other pages and seeing a lot of pop-ups lately on your Safari browser, then it may be due to the presence of the virus. In this situation, what you need to is clear history and website data from the browser to remove virus from iPhone.

1.Go to Settings> Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
2.Select Clear History and Data to confirm your action.

Method 3: Power Off and Restart

Sometimes restarting the device is enough to clear the RAM of your device and stop the unwanted background processes, including the virus. Follow these instructions to restart your iPhone:

1.Press the power button of your iPhone until the screen changes. You will see a slider on the screen prompting “slide to power off”.
2.Use the slider to power the iPhone down.
3.Once it is completely switched off. Use the power button to boot the device.

Method 4: Delete App Suspected of Containing the Virus

Most viruses spread through third-party apps in your iPhone. If you suspect an app misbehaving lately e.g. it is taking a lot more resources than usual, increasing your data usage drastically, or causing battery drain, etc., then it might be because the app is infected with virus. In this case, it is recommended that you delete/uninstall that app from your iPhone.

Method 5: Upgrade iOS

Firmware updates bring security patches that protect the device from virus or malware attacks. If you haven't upgraded your iPhone's firmware in a while, then your device may be vulnerable to virus attacks. Upgrading your iPhone will help you remove the virus from your iPhone and also protect your device from future virus attacks.

Go to Settings> General > Software Update > Install Now.

Method 6: Un-jailbreak an iPhone

Jailbroken iPhone can be installed with apps from various dubious sources. This makes the jailbroken iPhone more vulnerable to viruses or malware. If your iPhone is jailbroken, then it is recommended that you un-jailbreak it to protect it from viruses.
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