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How to Save Water Damaged iPhone 7

During the daily use of iPhone 7, one of the most common damage of iPhone is water damage. Although Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are officially water-resistant but they aren’t waterproof. It is really not luck if your iPhone 7 is water damaged. Luckily, here are some tips that can save your iPhone 7 from water damage.

Ways to Save Water Damage iPhone 7

Once you are aware that your iPhone 7 is dropped into water, your first reaction will most likely be taking it out and panicking without really knowing what to do. Here are some immediate steps that you can do to save water damage iPhone 7.
Power off

Immediately power down your iPhone 7 after you take it out of the water. Shutting down your iPhone will help protect from short circuiting in the hardware.

Open the Flood Gates

Anything that can be removed from your iPhone 7, remove it. This includes any kind of case and even the SIM card tray. Doing this would allow any water on the inside to escape more easily.

Empty It Out

First priority is to dry the smartphone out. Wipe it gently with clean material, paying particular attention to its switches, earphone and power ports. When drying inside these areas be extremely gentle as you don’t want to force further moisture into your iPhone. Shake the device gently for a while to try to get any remaining liquid out.

Dry it

Put the water damaged iPhone in an air tight plastic bag surrounded by a bunch of Silica gel packets to draw out the moisture. Silica gel is an incredibly moisture-absorbent substance often found in Arts & Crafts shops or in electronics stores. It is also often found in new handbags or with new pairs of shoes. You may be able to buy them from a craft and handbag shops. If you can’t get hold of the Silica gel sachets quickly place your wet iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice (avoid enriched rice as it leaves a lot of white residual powder) and seal it. Make sure the phone is fully immersed in the rice. This will keep the phone as dry as possible in the intervening period. Transfer the phone subsequently to the bag of Silica gel sachets after you procure them.


There are also some tips during these steps:

-Leave the iPhone in a warm place like in an airy cupboard or somewhat near a radiator for 48 hours or more.

-Aviding charging the battery for at least 72 hours before attempting to plug it in and turn it on.

-If you lost some data of water damaged iPhone 7, you could use iRefone to help you recover lost data in it.
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