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How to Send Text Messages Instead of iMessages on iPhone

“I have an iPhone 6, and have iMessage turned on. When I try to send messages with my customer using Android phone. It always prompt me failed to send the messages. What’s wrong with this? It seems that I can send Messages instead of iMessages on iPhone. Can someone introduce this to me and show me how? Thank you for any help.”

iMessage is a great way to to communicate with others. But there are times when it just won’t work like the above user. You see the “Sending...” text and the blue loader trying to inch its way to completion but that never happens. Your message doesn’t get delivered at all.At this moment, you may hope to send text messages instead of iMessages. How do you send texts instead of iMessages on your iPhone? Let’s take a look at a few different methods that allow you to easily do this.

Method 1: Change iMessages to Text Messages by Pressing iMessages

You can do this by long-pressing the iMessages:

1. When you are done creating your message, you can send it off as you normally do.

2. Long-press and keep your finger on the body of the message (kind of like you do when you are playing with the copy and paste function).

3.A little dialog box will come up giving you a couple of options. One of those should be "Send as Text Message". Tap that, and your iMessage will be turned into a text message.
For this to work, you must press it quickly after you tapping the Send button, before the iMessage has arrived to its recipient.into a text message.

Method 2: Turn Off Your Wi-Fi and Cellular Data

Follow these steps to turn these off:

Go to Settings and go into the Wi-Fi/WLAN section.

Turn the Wi-Fi/WLAN off with the switch.

Go back to the main Settings screen, and tap Cellular.

Tap the switch to turn your data off.

Method 3: Turn Off iMessage on iPhone

You can also simply turn off iMessage. Do this by following these steps:

Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Tap Messages.

Change the iMessage switch to OFF.
You can also optionally turn off MMS messages if you don’t want to send larger multimedia texts, such as texts that have attachments or that are very long.
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