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Ways to Set up Family Sharing on iPhone iPad

Summary: Now from this article, we’ll learn some ways to set up family sharing on iPhone iPad.

Why we need family sharing? Because family sharing can make it easier for us to share iTunes, iBook and App store purchase ect for less than 6 people in our family, and we don’t need to share accounts. Also we can pay for family purchase with one credit card, it’s so convenient and many people are willing to use it. If you couldn’t wait to set up family sharing on your iPhone iPad, you can follow this page and have a try.

How to Set up Family Sharing on iPhone iPad

Now follow below steps and set up family sharing on your iPhone iPad.

1. Open your iPhone, go to Setting, then you can see your name on the top of screen, tap on it.

2. Then you can see option “Set up Family Sharing”, click it.

3. Now click Get Started--Continue and Continue to confirm your payment method, please note it can be changed in setting.

4. When finish it, click “Share Your Location” to share it with your family, and you can also tap “Not Now”, then tap on “Add Family Member”.

5. Now you can typing family member names and choose the “Person” you’d like to add as family member. Then input “Credit Card Security Code” if it prompt.

And you can prepeat the process of adding family member, also they will receive an email notification as well as a push notification on their desk and ask them to accept your invite.

Accept Family Sharing Invitation on iPhone iPad

After set up family sharing, we also should know how to accept family sharing invitation on iPhone iPad, see below page.

1. Open your iPhone iPad, go to Setting, then click Apple ID at the top of your screen, then click “Invitation”, and you can see a number beside it, and click “Accept”.

2. Then click “Confirm” and continue to share purchases. Now you can click “Share Your Location” or “Not Now.

3. Now you can use family sharing.

Limits of Family Sharing

There are some limits of family sharing that we should know, in case we couldn’t set up and use it correctly.

1. It only supports us to add up to 6 family members.

2. All our iOS devices should be running iOS 8 or later.

3. Every purchase that be forward will be charged to family organizer’s iTunes account.

4. “Ask to Buy” feature lets parents require children under 18 to ask permission before purchasing iTunes and App store.

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