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Tips for Email Push Notification Not Working in iOS 11.4

“After updating to iOS 11.4, my email push notification cannot work. I cannot receive the notification of new email either in Mail or the home screen. Does others have the same problem as me or there is something wrong with my computer?”

Many users reflect the problem that they suffer from email push notification can not work after updating to iOS 11.4. Users cannot get the notification of new email until they open the Mail app. This would be inconvenient which makes to miss some important emails. Have you suffer from the same trouble and do you hope to find the solutions to solve this issue? Don’t worry. Here we go.

Tip 1: Fetch New Data

The reason of email Push Notification cannot work is that you do not turn it on on your iPhone. Thus you need to set the Fetch new data and allow Mail to push. Do it with below steps:

1.Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calenders
2.Tap on Fetch New Data
3.Tap on the Mail name that you hope to get the push
4.Choose Fetch

Tip 2: Enable Allow Notification

Another reason of Email push is that you do not enable the notification. Go to Settings > Notifications, tap on the Mail to slider on the Allow Notification option.

Tip 3: Sign Out and Re-login Mail Account

If you have fetch new data and enable allow notification of your mail, but the problem still exist, you could have a try to sign out your email account and then log it it again. Go to Settings > Account & Passwords, then choose the email account which has the problem and tap on “Delete Account”. Then choose the desired platform and enter the respective credentials

Tip 4: Re-install the Mail App

You could also have a try to delete your Mail app and then reinstall the app again. Long press the Mail icon until all the apps are shaking and there will be a “X” on the left top corner. Tap on the “X” to deleted the app on your iPhone. Then go to App store to download and install the App again.

Tip 5: Update iOS Version

If above solutions all cannot fix email push notification not working issue in iOS 11.4, that would be the bug of the new version. What you can do it wait patiently that Apple would release the new version to fix this bug.
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