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Solutions to Solve Face ID Doesn’t Work on iPhone 8/X

Apple introduced Face ID with iPhone X and iPhone 8, a new way to secure the phone. Face ID confirms attention by detecting the direction of your gaze, then uses neural networks for matching and anti-spoofing so you can unlock your phone with a glance. However, you may meet the problem that Face ID doesn’t work on iPhone X/8. In this article, we will give you some solutions for Face ID not working on iPhone X/8 problem.

Solution 1. Hard Reset iPhone 8/iPhone X

Start by hard rebooting your iPhone 8/iPhone X is the basic way to solve this problem. Sometimes just a minor software glitch is the reason behind various issues. Hard rebooting the iDevice clears out such software glitches and get things back to normal.

Press the Sleep/Wake & Volume Down buttons both at the same time and make sure not to let them go until you see Apple logo appearing on your screen. Let go the buttons now and let your device reboot.

Solution 2. Make Sure Your Face Is Clear Enough

-Holding your device too far or too close won’t do any good as the standard distance with which Face ID works well is between 10-20 inches.
-Make sure when setting up Face ID there are no other faces get detected. Having multiple faces in line of sensors or camera isn’t recommended at all.
-Taking off anything that’s covering your face will make it easier for Face ID to recognize your face properly and easily.
-Too much light or low lighting can be a big hindrance while setting up your Face ID. Face ID works best when set up in a well lit room by natural light.
-Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off any dirt or debris covering any of the cameras or sensors.

Solution 3. Reset Face ID

If you are still reading the solutions, probably, your Face ID is still not working on iPhone 8/iPhone X yet. Try resetting your Face ID by deleting the already stored Face ID and then set it up all over again.

-Open "Settings", hit the "Face ID & Passcode" and enter your passcode when asked. Now, select the Face ID you wish to delete and then hit "Delete Face".
-To set up the Face ID again, head back to "Settings" and tap "Face ID & Passcode". Now, tap on "Enroll Face"
-Next, hit on "Get Started" and make sure to face should be positioned with the frame visible on your iPhone.
-Note: Make sure to hold your iPhone at a distance of 15-20 inches from your face.
-Now, gradually move your head not your iPhone, duh and complete the first scan circle. Do this again to complete the second scan circle and you’re done!
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