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[Solved]iPhone Calls Not Working

“I was able to make outgoing phone calls this morning, however now this afternoon my phone immediately hangs up after one second to any number I try calling. I tried everything and nothing help. Can anyone give me some solution to solve this issue? Thank you for any help.”

Sometime, you may come up with the trouble that your iPhone is unable to make or receive calls or the screen is showing “Call Failed” or “Call Ended”. Anyone who is having this trouble would feel anguished. This article can be helpful as it shows you how to fix iPhone calls not working problem.

Possible Reasons of iPhone Calls are Not Working

Many reports have been filed that after they have updated their iPhones to the latest version of iOS, they were unable to make or receive calls whereas their message service is working just fine. Among other common reasons as to why you cannot make outgoing calls on your mobile phone include a misconfigured settings, network unavailability, faulty hardware, and a deactivated account status.

Tips to Solve iPhone Calls Not Working Problem

According to the reasons of iPhone calls not working, below we will talk about the methods that can solve this problem.

Method 1: Restart iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone can eliminate most of the issues and hence a simple but powerful resolution for various issues. If you can’t make or receive calls on your iPhone, try rebooting it up. Hold the Power button of your device until a red slider pops up. Drag it from left to right and let your phone get turned off completely. Now walk up to your kitchen, drink a glass of water and come back. Well, trust me, this has nothing to do with the fixing but just to give your phone some 20-30 seconds to properly get all functions stopped. Now turn back your phone on by pressing and holding the power button again until Apple logo appears.

Method 2: Check iPhone Settings

Try to check some of your iPhone settings.

Toggle “Airplane mode” by heading into the “Settings” and turn on the “Airplane Mode”. Wait for about 10 seconds, now turn Airplane mode off.

Check if your DND (Do not disturb) Settings are turned off or not. Head to “Settings”, locate “Do Not Disturb” and check if it is on or off.

Call Forwarding can also hinder in receiving any calls. Get into “Settings”, proceed to “Phone” and then “Call Forwarding”, and turn it off if it is enabled.

Method 3: Check Network Settings

Try resetting your network settings. Head to “Settings”, proceed to “General”, then “Reset” and tap on “Reset Network Settings”. By doing this you will wipe off all faulty saved settings. Note: This will wipe off all your saved Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings and preferred networks. You would have to set them up again.

Method 4: Update Carrier Settings

Sometimes calls may get dropped quite often due to a poor connection with the carrier. Try updating the Carrier Settings.

Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi; ensure that the internet connection is stable.
Head to “Settings”, proceed to “General”, tap on “About”. You’ll see notifications about the update, if available.

Method 5: Check SIM Card

Check SIM Card if the above things don’t work for you. SIM card is essential to make or receive any call, hence if there is any damage or scratches on your SIM Card that could hinder in establishing a connection. Eject the SIM card tray with the SIM-eject tool and check the SIM card with other smartphones to see if it works fine. Try inserting any other SIM card into your iPhone and check if you still can’t make or receive calls on your iPhone or not.

Method 6: Check with Your Carrier

After reinserting the SIM card, if it still doesn’t resolves, call your carrier. Before calling, make sure all your bills have been paid off, just to ensure that it isn’t an unpaid bill block. If you have paid all your bills, call your carrier and ask them if any issue is persisting on the network to know whether it’s just you or others are facing the same issue. Or else, ask them for a SIM card replacement if you found your SIM card damaged.

Method 7: Restore iPhone with iTunes

Try to restore your iPhone via iTunes. Although it has a limitation that it loses all the data in your phone, but it has been successful to many users. Try these steps:

1. Using a USB cable, connect the device and the computer.
2. Open iTunes and click the iPhone icon that appears in iTunes.
3. Click on “Restore” from the “Summary” tab.
4. You need to click on “Restore” again in order to verify that you really want to restore. This step is done to confirm your act because this can lose your data.
5. After clicking, select “Set up as a new iPhone”. The iPhone will be restarted.

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