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iPhone Photo Stream Not Syncing?

“I have noticed that photo stream is not syncing, in some cases for weeks. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to solve it?”

Photo Stream could be a wonderful tool for you to share your recently taken photos across your Apple devices, no matter iOS devices, Mac or Apple TV. But you may get some Photos Stream problems such as photos added on iPhone not show up on other device, fail to add the photos to Mac or PC. This article will provide you with a few solutions that you can try to solve this issue.

Check My Photo Stream is Enabled

It may seem like such an obvious thing but it is not uncommon to forget to turn on Photo Stream and then when you try to use it, you wonder why it doesn’t work. So, take a moment to check that Photo Stream is enabled in settings.

To do this you can either go to Settings> Your Apple ID> iCloud> Photos. Scroll down to tap on “Upload to My Photo Stream” and make sure that its turned on. You could also reach it by going to Settings> Photos & Camera and turn on “Upload to My Photo Stream” and “Shared Photo Streams.”

Check Battery Power

If your device is below 20% battery power, the Photo Stream will be automatically disabled to save battery life. So, take the time to charge your device before try to sync photos. This is on top of ensuring your Wi-Fi network is solid.

Check Camera App

Most people don’t know this but photo stream may fail to work if your Camera app is still open. In fact, it will only work if your camera app is completely closed. It doesn’t mean that you are done taking the photo by pressing the home button, but means completely close the Camera app: Double tap on the home button and close the camera app up completely. Doing this will kick start the Photo Stream syncing process.

Check Wi-Fi and Reconnect

Turn off Wi-Fi on all devices where Photo Stream is not syncing correctly and then reconnect to see if the problem is fixed. You can also “forget a network” and re-add it before trying again.

Check Apple ID

In order to share photos with Photo Stream, you should log in iCloud with same Apple ID on the devices that you want to share photos between.
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