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[Solved]iPhone Says No SIM Card

“My iPhone gets a popup saying that No Sim Card installed. I even did not take the SIM card out of iPhone. The trouble makes me do nothing with my iPhone? How to fix this problem?”

Are you suffering from the similar problem like “No Sim Card installed”, “invalid SIM” so that your iPhone may stop connecting to cellular phone networks, preventing you from making and receiving calls or using wireless data. If you’re wondering “Why does my iPhone say no SIM card?” or you have no idea how to fix and solve this trouble, you’ve come to the right place. This issue is generally pretty easy to diagnose, and we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so you can fix the “No SIM” error for good.

Reasons of iPhone Says No SIM Card

To solve iPhone says No SIM Card issue, the first thing we need to figure out is why iPhone says no SIM Card. In fact, the cause of iPhone no SIM card messages is complex, we list some possible reasons below:

-It might be the simple glitch that can be fixed after several attempts.
-It might be caused by iPhone battery overheated.
-A dust SIM card.
-A faulty SIM card.

How to Solve iPhone Says No SIM Card

Reboot iPhone Device

If unfortunately you drop your iPhone or iPad by accident, iPhone should re-register your iPhone SIM card. You just need to turn off iPhone for a while and turn it back on.

Re-Seating the SIM Card

To re-seat the SIM card in its slot, get a paper clip (or, as Apple cheekily calls it, the "SIM card removal tool"), unfold it, and gently push one end into the hole in the SIM card tray. This will pop the tray out of its slot. Push it back in and make sure it's firmly seated.

After a few seconds (wait up to a minute), the No SIM Card Installed error should disappear and your regular bars and carrier name should re-appear in the top left corner of the iPhone's screen.

If it doesn't, fully remove the SIM. Make sure it—and the slot it sits in—aren't dirty. If they are, clean them (blowing into them is probably OK, but a shot of compressed air is always best) and reinsert the SIM.

Update iOS

If reseating the SIM card didn't work, next you should check to see if there's an update to the iOS, the operating system that runs on the iPhone. If so, install it and see if that solves the problem.( Go to Settings> General> Software Update)

Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

If you're still seeing the SIM error, your next step is to turn Airplane Mode on and then off again. Doing this can reset the iPhone's connection to cellular networks and may resolve the problem. To do this:

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center
2. Tap the airplane icon at the far left so that it's highlighted
3. Wait a second or two and then tap it again, so that the icon is not highlighted
4. Swipe Control Center down to hide it
5. Wait a few seconds to see if the error is fixed.

Carrier Settings Update

Sometimes when there's a new update for the carrier settings, you will get a new pop up saying that it is not available. To solve this, just go to Settings> General> About and check for any update. If there's a new carrier settings update shown in the interface, you just need to download the software patch and update it as required.

If Nothing Works

If all of these steps don't solve the problem, it's likely that you've got a problem that you can't fix. It's time for a trip to your closest Apple Store or your phone company store, or to call tech support.

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