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Track your Friends Location with iPhone iPad

Summary: Now from this article, we’ll focus on show you how to track your friends location with iPhone iPad.

In order to have a better connection with our friends and family, Apple developed a new feature on our iPhone iPad, which named Find My Friend. With it, we can easily locate our friends and family, especially when we need to keep tabs at some public places, but it needs our friends and family’s agreement. Now you may be eager to know how to use this feature and track your friends location with iPhone, here we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Track your Friends Location with iPhone

Now follow below steps and track your friends location with iPhone.

1.Launch “Find Friends” on your iPhone, click “Add Friends”, and input your friends name or find it from your contact list to add the one you need.

2.After adding the contact, you can click “Send” at the right top corner, and choose “Time Option”, here we’ll take “Share Indefinitely” for example.

3.Then open “Find Friends” on your friend’s iPhone, click “Me” at the left bottom corner, and find option “Share My Location”, and turn the button on.

4.When finish it, swipe bottom up of your iPhone screen to enter Control Center and enable Airdrop. And make sure yourself discoverable to “Everyone”.

5.Now back to your friends iPhone, click “Add” in “Find My Friend”, tap on your contact icon when it show up. Then choose “Share Indefinitely” to share their location to your iPhone for an unlimited amount of time.

6.Now notification from “Find My Friends” will pop up on our iPhone, click “Accept”, when it shows other options of “Share Your Location”, choose “Don’t Share”, ad it will be ok.

7.Then you can open “Find Friends” app and click you contact icon to see their location.

How to Share Your Own Locations

When you want to share your own locations to your friends and family, you can follow below steps.

1.Launch “Find My Friends” app on iPhone, go to Me--Share My Location, and turn it on.

2.Then click your contact card of the one you want to share your locations, tap on “Notify”, choose “Right Now”, and click “Done”.

Now your friends will receive your location.

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