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iOS 11 User Comments You Need to Know Before You Update

Apple released the new iOS 11 this Autumn which brings some new features. Since it has been released for one month, many users have some positive and negative feedback. If you are still not update to the latest iOS 11 and are considering whether to update, there are some iOS 11 user comments you need to know before you update. Below we list some comments which may be useful for you to make the decision.

User Comments about iOS 11

1. Great Performance on the iPhone 6s

If you are using an iPhone 6s, you can expect that the device’s performance will be greatly improved when you update to iOS 11. Most users have reported better performance immediately after the update.

It is early days yet with the release which is probably why there are so many problems reported. They include the following.

2. iOS control center Wi-Fi button bug

Some users have reported that the Wi-Fi button in the control center is not working when they update to iOS 11. In some cases, it is simply unresponsive. In others, it turns on and tries to auto-connect whatever Wi-Fi is around and won’t work correctly.

3. iOS 11 location service icon always on

After updating to iOS 11, some users have reported that the location icon is always on, except that it is a hollow arrow and not the solid gray icon. This is a problem especially when you don’t need to use Location services but can’t turn it off.

4. Faster scrolling in Safari

With the new iOS 11 everyone expected that the scrolling in Safari or opening links would be faster but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There are those who say that the old way to do it is much faster and easier.

5. Don't like the iOS 11 UI design

While this is purely an aesthetics issue, there are those who don’t like the iOS 11 user interface. There are those who say the UI is not as responsive as can be.

6. iPhone 7 battery life destroyed with iOS 11

This is one of the most common issues users have reported and not just with the iPhone 7. It happens even with the iPhone 6. As soon as the device is updated to iOS 11, there is a sudden battery drain and you have to constantly charge your device to maintain enough power to use the device.

7. iOS 11 is just like a beta version

Due to the many problems they’ve faced, there are those users who have dubbed iOS 11, a beta version. For instance, a user who updated their iPhone 6s complained of crashes, lags, animation features that were slower and the device generally not working as it should. Some users even report that the device crashes when they open an app.

8. Split screen not working

It is one of the most anticipated features of iOS 11 specifically for the iPad. Yet, there are those who say that the split screen feature just won’t work no matter what they try. Granted these issues are not very widely reported but there are a few.

In the week since its release, a lot of iOS device users have updated their devices to iOS 11. But many have experienced the problems above and much more we couldn’t discuss here. Fortunately, it is likely that Apple will address this issue with another update and many have temporary fixes you can try while you wait for the update.
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