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  • Pat Pat

    iRefone is a good option to use to print out the history of WeChat communications

    My wife is immigrating to Canada and for her immigration application I needed to print out our communications over the last few years - to show that we have had a long-lasting relationship. We primarily use WeChat to communicate when we are apart - so I needed somehow to print out our WeChat communications.iRefone helped me do it successfully.

  • Amanda Amanda

    Outstanding!! Highly recommended!!

    I downloaded the trail version and as able to access the backup and view the contacts. Therefore I believed this was the right software for me and all I had to do was purchase a license. Unfortunately the fully licensed version is not doing the same as the trial version and when I go into the backup it reads as No Data Found. Then I connect their customer service. They replied me quickily and sent the new version to me and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.

  • Angela Angela

    Help me get back my lost iPhone data

    I lost my iPhone a few month ago and thought all my data on it is gone. Today I get a lot of data back from my previous iCloud backup file using irefone! What a magic!

  • Miguel Miguel

    Excellent iphone data recovery tool!

    Couldn't find the data from "recover from ios" mode, i guess the deleted data is already overwritten. But luckily i extracted most of the deleted files from iTunes backup using "recover from itunes" mode. Thanks!!!!

  • Nick Nick

    Gennerally speaking, it is good.

    Recover some of my deleted messages, may be other messages had been overwritten. Lucily, there is the message I need among these recovered text.

  • Shelley Shelley

    Satisfied with its function

    Tried three trial version of different recovery tools and finally I chose this one for it is a little cheaper and solved my problem as well.

  • Neil Neil

    Highly recommended! Try it before you purchase!

    I used it to recover my lost notes and have found my deleted important messages as well :)

  • Kobo Kobo

    This app is really fantastic. I was shocked with its features. Great app.

    I tried to upgrade my iOS 9 to iOS 10 with my iPhone 6, and after upgrading I found my messages all gone! That was a BIG trouble to me! Luckily I found this program and retrieve my messages.

  • Cherie Cherie

    iPhone 7, iOS 10

    This software runs well for my iOS 10 iCloud backup. Many software in the market claim that support to iOS 10 iCloud backup, but when I tried them, they did not work for me. My problem can not be solved until I met iRefone. Better than other programs I tried before.

  • Hailey Hailey

    It is a very good data recovery tool for iphone

    I searched on google and saw someone recommended the program in a famous apple forum and downloaded and registered it. Extracted nearly all of my iMessages from my iPad mini 2.

  • Scotty Scotty

    Thank god, deleted contacts are successfully rcovered

    I accidentally deleted all the contacts on my wife's iPhone 6 + and this program found them. And it also can transfer the recovered data back onto iPhone.

  • Zac Zac


    Recovered my older safari browsing history. Really helpful software.I do think try before purchase is a good service.