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  • Bahram Bahram

    WOW! This software is too good!

    Excellent! Restored all my data and precious family photos! No corrupt files, easy to use and affordable!

  • Dmitry Dmitry

    Very cool! Very useful tool! I appreciate your work!

    My brother suggested I might like this product. He was totally right. This iRefone tool truly made my day.

  • Juanita Juanita

    Product very valuable.

    I used the free trial and found data I never expected Thank you!

  • Juanita Juanita

    Product very valuable, I used the software and found data I never expected.

    It helped me get all the notes back from one of the email accounts that deleted on my iPhone.

  • Tracy Tracy

    It's very useful.

    Excellent product. It recovers whicever i have deleted in my iphone.Thank you very much.

  • Stephane Stephane

    A vital application that saved my data from getting roasted

    The software is quite eligible for every version of iPhone, especially, iPhone 6 Plus… Thanks to its developer…

  • Lio Lio

    I like it so much coz it allows me to selectively recover lost photos

    I lost my photos on my iPhone 7 after I deleted the deleted albums. I thought they would still be on my mac or my iPads, but I can’t locate them. I think I had iCloud enabled but there is no way for me to access data in icloud without restoring from icloud backup. Finallyl, I found iRefone which enables me to get back my lost photos successfully.

  • Lynee Lynee

    Cannot be thankful enough

    I thought there would be no chance of recovering lost photos and this was my last option as I've never used anything like this before, but this should of been my first option. Easy to use and clear interface; cannot be thankful enough for getting my photos back.

  • Shelley Shelley

    Convert WeChat audio messages to listen.

    I purchased iRefone today because I was looking to recover the audio files from my WeChat into a format I can listen to.This software works perfectly.

  • Molly Molly

    It works well

    I tried many software to help me recover deleted messages on wechat app and only iRefone helped me solve the problem. Hope that more data types can be supported soon.

  • Smith Smith

    The post on the website is really useful.

    I did not use the software. Update to iOS 10.2, my wifi conneted faild and I searched online for the solution. The post on the wesite helped me solve the trouble. Thanks, really helpful.

  • Caitlyn Caitlyn


    A multiple-function app it is. Recovered the lost contacts for my husband's iPhone 6s.