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  • Amy Amy

    Transfer my contacts to new iPhone X!

    I changed my old iPhone 6 to iPhone X last week, and it really help me transfer my contacts to my new iPhone, so sufficient.

  • Dancy Dancy

    Very helpful software!

    Thanks to my friend Ellen, she recommand my iRefone, and now my calendars are back with the help of iRefone!

  • Alexander Alexander

    Get back my WeChat data!

    I'm new with WeChat, and don't know how to save my WeChat messages, so i couldn't my old ones when i close the chat log. now iRefone help me get them back, really great job!

  • Aaron Aaron

    Thanks Goodness!

    Really appreciate the help of iRefone, it helps me get back my missing calendars. Thanks!

  • David David

    Works great for me!

    it didn't erase my content and settings when i restore some of my lost messages from iCloud backup, really good.

  • Rebecca Rebecca

    Great Deals and Discounts!

    It's a great Christmas gift for me that iRefone is on its deals and discounts on this Christmas Day, and it helps me get back my lost iMessages. Really happy with it, thanks.

  • Peter Peter

    Win my day!

    I felt so depressed that i deleted some important data from my iPhone, then my friends recommand me iRefone, and it did help. Very appreciated. Thanks.

  • Daisy Daisy

    Super software, saved my data!

    I lost some of my iPhone messages when restoring photos from my iCloud, and my friend recommand me this software. It did work and get back my messages. Very great! Thanks!

  • Sims Sims

    Not bad

    Just downloaded trial version, and it found the notes deleted one week ago. Very Good!

  • Lalula Lalula

    Found WeChat Messages

    This is a good software, I recovered many messages that i did not expect! Wonderful!

  • Titan Titan

    Worth it!

    After scanning my phone with the software I was able to find so many deleted messages, notes photos that I thought were gone! I am so happy I purchased

  • Ben Ben

    I am happy I bought iRefone

    Excellent support received and all my photos needed copied to my computer! Great software.