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[Solved] iPhone/iPad Keeps Connecting and Disconnecting from Computer

“When I try to transfer some files from my iPhone to my computer, it won’t stop from connecting and disconnceting. I try to re-connected it but it still cannot work. Why does it happen and how can I fix this problem?”

Have you ever suffer from the same trouble as the above user? Many people encounter this problem that their iPhone or iPad keeps connecting and disconnecting when try to connect iPhone/iPad with Mac or computer. This is a common problem and can be solved if properly taken care of. This may happen when your Apple devices connection with Mac Book or Windows is not complete. Due to an incomplete connection every half of a second the iPhone keeps conecting and disconnecting from Mac or Windows. Don’t worry about this as you are in the right place where in seconds you will be able to know how to solve it on your own.

How to Fix iPhone/iPad Keeps Connecting or Disconnecting from PC/Mac

Solution 1: Check and Change Another USB Cable

Here are the steps for this procedure if your iPhone keeps connecting and disconnecting USB.

1.Get another USB cable and connect it to your device.
2.Plug the cable in the USB port.
3.If it connects the problem is solved, there was an issue with your previous USB cable.

Solution 2: Restart Your iPhone/iPad

Here are the steps of restarting your iPhone or iPad.

1.Press and hold the top or the side button of the iPhone or iPad.
2.A slider will appear for turning or restarting your phone. Drag the slider for turning it off completely.
3.After the device is off, press and hold the top or the side button to on the phone.
Solution 3: Reset Location & Privacy

By the below procedure you will be able to reset location and privacy settings that can be a solution to your problem if your iPhone keeps connecting and disconnecting from Mac.

1.Open the settings icon of your iPhone.
2.Click on the general settings and choose the option reset.
3.Tap the reset location and privacy. By doing so your phone will ask for your passcode.
4.Enter the passcode to finish the reset procedure.
Solution 4: Go to Apple Store for A Checkup

If the problem of iPhone keeps connecting and disconnecting persists, then go to an Apple store for a checkup. They will surely tell you whether there is any other problems and help you in solving it.

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