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Fixed: iPhone Won’t Charge after Update to iOS 11.3

"I charge my iPhone every night, and every morning both are 100% charged. This morning, after updating to iOS 11.3, my iPhone was not charged at all, and a reboot did no good. It still wouldn't charge..."

Updating your iPhone is not always so exciting as you would like, especially when, after the update, you notice some new, very unpleasant things. One of them is when your iPhone simply won’t charge after update to iOS 11.3.

Now we are offering you 5 ways to fix iPhone not charging after update to iOS 11.3, and hopefully, one of them will be the solution. If not, you will have to visit the Apple store, to get their assistance.

5 Ways To Fix IPhone Not Charging After iOS 11.3 Update

Solution 1: Try To Charge Your iPhone With The Airplane Mode ON

When it comes to potential 5 ways to fix iPhone not charging after update we provided to you, this is the simplest one, so you may want to give it a shot. Turn on the Airplane mode in Settings, and connect your device to the charger.

Solution 2: Reboot Your IPhone

Maybe your phone needs a little reboot. Press and hold the key: sleep/wake, slide to turn off the device, and after approximately ten seconds, turn it on.

Solution 3: Change The Cable, Outlet, And Charger

Maybe your outlet, charger or cable doesn’t work, and that is causing the problem. Change it all, to see if there is a difference.

Solution 4: Change The Charging Method

If you connected your iPhone to your computer via USB cable in order to charge it, try to change the method, and use the charger. If you used the charger first, try with the USB cable.

Solution 5: Factory Settings

Even if you just updated your device, maybe reset to factory settings will help. Go to Settings>General>Reset and click on Erase all Content and Settings. Your device will reboot, and maybe this will finally solve the problem.

Additional Tips:

Before every update for avoiding update failure or data loss, you can do as follow:

Tip One: Check compatibility for your device 
Tip Two: Create a backup using iTunes or iCloud 
Tip Three: Know your passcode of device 
Tip Four: Have your Apple ID ready 
Tip Five: Charge up the battery 
Tip Six: Ensure available storage on device 
Tip Seven: Under favorable network environment
If you’ve unfortunately lost some important data after iOS update, here is a tutorial shows you 3 Methods to Recover Lost Data after Updating to iOS 11. You will quickly get out of the trouble.
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