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iPhone X Help Save Some Face ID Data

When Apple released iPhone X, we noticed that there is no Touch ID on it any more, but instead it supports facial recognition feature, which cab also be named Face ID feature. And as said iPhone X will help us save some Face ID data, how Face ID help protect our iPhone X data?

What troubles us is that there will be many third-party app developers gain access to some facial data and build feature for iPhone X, and Apple will allow them to get certain face data off iPhone X with user’s permission. So how Apple can help us protect those data from not being sold by developers? Now we’ll see something about it.

The Available Data for Developers couldn’t Unlock iPhone

Although Apple allows App developers get some Face ID data from our iPhone, but they still couldn’t unlock our iPhone by using those data, because facial recognization relies on mathematical representation of the face rather than a visual map of it, so without the permission of iPhone user, they couldn’t unlock our iPhone.

Also Apple won’t allow App developers to do advertise and market for Face ID, and they also couldn’t sell those infomation to data brokers, and it’s agreed with developers. So just rest your heart on your Face ID data.

Then we’ll see more information about Face ID, see below page.

Security of Face ID

Some jokes come out that when you’re sleeping, your partner can unlock your iPhone X by swiping your sleeping face, but actually it’s not possible. Because Face ID is attention aware, so it can only recognize our face when ours eyes are open and look towards the iPhone X. in this way, it’s not that easy for other people to unlock your iPhone.

Also another doubt come into people’s mind is that what if our twin brother or sister, or our children try to unlock our iPhone X? Face ID only allows us to try five unsuccessful times to unlock it, then it will need us to input the passcode, and the unlock rate for our iPhone is only approximately 1 in 1,000,000 by using Face ID, while it’s 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID, so it’s more security.

also as said if you’re worried about your iPhone data, you can also only use passcode to unlock your iPhone X. and when we set our iPhone with Face ID, it will also need us to set up a passcode.

When Passcode is Needed

Now we’ll see how a passcode help us protect our privacy, below are some conditions that they will need us to input our passcode to protect our data.

1.When our iPhone X is just restarted, it will need us to input passcode.

2.When our iPhone X has been unlock for two days, it will need us to input passcode.

3.When we try five unsuccessful times of facial unlocking, then it will need us to input passcode.

4.When our iPhone X receive a remote lock command, it will need us to input the passcode.

And there are some other conditions that it will need us to input passcode, otherwise we couldn’t lock it, just like we’re doing with Touch ID.

Enable or Disable Face ID

When you want to use Face ID or don’t want to use Face ID, you can enable it or disable it according to your needs.

1. And when you need to use it, you can go to Setting--Face ID & Passcode--Use Face ID, then turn off iPhone unlock, then it will be ok.

2. When you need to disable Face ID, you can go to Setting--Face ID & Passcode, then find and click “Reset Face ID”, then all your Face ID data will be lost.

3.Also you can force disable your Face ID on iPhone X, now just press your power button and volume button together and hold on, then click “Cancel” when it appears on your screen.

Then it will need you to input your passcode without doing facial recognition.

Now are you pleased with iPhone X Face ID? Are your willing to use it now?
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