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iTunes Won’t Detect My iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

“iTunes can not detect my iPhone when I connect it. How can I solve it?”

“I’ve plugged my iPhone into computer and nothing happens. How can I get iTunes to recognize the device?”

It is inconvenient that when you want to connect your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer but iTunes can not detect it. The reasons that cause iTunes can not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod are various. Here, we will show you some possible solutions for you to solve the iTunes won’t detect iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Problem.


Restart is one of the useful solution for most software problems. When your iOS device doesn’t been showed up in iTunes for a delayed response. You could have a try to disconnect the iOS device and restart the PC. Then restart the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Try to connect the device to iTunes again.

Close Programs and Software

The running programs on your PC may affect the connecting of your device with iTunes. So just close all running programs on the PC and temporarily disable security software (anti-virus and firewall). These could be prevent PC access to your iPhone.

Change USB cable or USB port

Try using a different cable or port to plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into your computer.

Update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is very important to make sure that all your hardware devices work correctly. When you connect your iOS device to the computer, the system reminders you to update Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. At this time, you should right click the entry in the “Device Manager” to update it.

Trust on iOS Device

Each time you connect a new iOS device to your computer, both your computer and iOS device will ask to be trusted. You must trust both to make sure a safe connection is established. If you do not, then you will be denied access to syncing the device on that computer until the Lockdown folder is reset.

Additional Tips:

When you using iRefone, if the software can not detect your device, you could close the software and check if iTunes could detect your device. Normally, if iTunes could detect your device, so will iRefone. If iTunes can not detect your device, try above tips to solve it and restart iRefone.

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