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  • Vivian Vivian

    Nice program found the Lost Data

    I lost my iPhone a few month ago and thought all my data on it is gone. Today I get a lot of data back from my previous iCloud backup file using irefone! What a magic!

  • Caitlyn Caitlyn

    I get my missing notes back

    I lost my notes on my iPhone 6s during updating it to iOS 10. The software found my lost notes. Many thanks for the magic software.

  • Ferry Ferry

    Good backup tool it is. would like to recommend it to others.

    There is something wrong with the iTunes on my Mac which makes it inconvenient for me to backup iPhone data. iRefone solved my issue and it is easy to backup my iphone data to Mac in readable format.

  • Alfred Alfred

    Extarct all the data I need in iTunes Backup

    I purchased a license for the software this evening as I have a broken iPhone and I need extract the contacts from an earlier backup(1/10/2016 as in 1st October)

  • Marco Marco

    Your program did just that!

    My interest was to get a program which would allow me to QUICKLY extract photos from my iMessages application on my iPad or iPhone so that I could send them on to ICloud. I searched this generally in Google and found a Quora question and answer which identified more clearly what I was after.

  • Ashok Ashok

    Great application and easy to use. Worth the money

    Update to ios 10.2 , my wifi conneted failed and then my notes all gone. I used iRefone tool and got all my work notes back. Thanks.

  • Alva Alva

    Really a user friendly data recovery tool for iPhone

    Bought two versions and both of them worked good. My sister said it run smoothly on her Macbook

  • Allyson Allyson

    Fast and easy to use, like it.

    It restored all the needed WhatsApp messages. It is pity that it not support KIK.

  • Kane Kane

    Excellent!!!!You really have to download this wonderful software...

    Basically speaking, did what one data recovery tool should do. Retrieved my lost contacts and call logs

  • Robert Robert

    It worked fine to recover my deleted items,

    The little program works good with my iPhone 7 which runs iOS 10. Very hard working team.

  • Wilfred Wilfred

    Very good, nicely done. this software is great for recovering files.

    Contact lost by unknown reason and with this software I can retrieve them easily...Thank you

  • Lydia Lydia

    Really a user friendly data recovery tool for iPhone

    Couldn't find the data from "recover from ios" mode, i guess the deleted data is already overwritten. But luckily i extracted most of the deleted files from iTunes backup using "recover from itunes" mode. Thanks!!!!