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  • Carter Carter

    I can't explain how thankful I am to this app...

    Safe data recovery software to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.

  • Jack Smith Jack Smith

    Simple but useful software

    As i say it's simple and useful software, because it really help me fix my issue and get back my iPhone data, so you can also install it safely.

  • Zoey Zoey

    Wonderful! Retrieved my deleted note with few minutes.

    Download the software and found this software is quite useful. So I bought it.

  • Fiona Fiona


    My friend's iPhone was severely water damaged. We didn't know if anything would work, but we tried iRefone as a last ditch effort. Incredible customer service!

  • Ethan Ethan

    Able to recover my lost whatsapp... Very impressive software

    I had re-installed WhatsApp on my new iPhone. While doing so, I found that the backup which it carries has lost… I really want it back… I heard about this software and used it… Very much surprised to see that how easily it has recovered my lost WhatsApp messages…

  • Mandi Mandi

    All works for me well

    This iPhone data recovery tool works better than I expect.It helps me recover all my deleted important notes, the scanning is fast and information of files recovered are complete.

  • Cathy Cathy

    Fantastic app I've ever used

    Tried other recovery software demos, but they hardly found anything. This software found ALL. I bought it and have been able to recover ALL my files from iTunes backup files on Windows.

  • Karina Karina

    Very useful tool i found in google.

    Basically speaking, did what one data recovery tool should do. retrieved my lost contacts and call logs

  • Holly Holly

    Not bad.

    I bought it because my photos were deleted by mistake and no way to get them back. It was like magic to see my photos back within minutes!

  • Wadds Wadds

    Good! Very helpful.

    Guess it can also help me to recover my important data from my iPhone in the future, as I was told that I am too careless!

  •  Alicia Alicia

    Very incredible. It helped me recover my missing stuff successfully

    Transfer my notes back to iphone in just few minute. Satisfied with its functions.

  • Shelly Shelly

    I retrieved my lost data from itunes backup files using this app! Thank you so much!!

    I dropped my iPhone which caused me can't access the data in it. This tool helped me extract data in iTunes backup successfully.