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  • Alfred Alfred

    Extarct all the data I need in iTunes Backup

    I purchased a license for the software this evening as I have a broken iPhone and I need extract the contacts from an earlier backup(1/10/2016 as in 1st October)

  • Marco Marco

    Your program did just that!

    My interest was to get a program which would allow me to QUICKLY extract photos from my iMessages application on my iPad or iPhone so that I could send them on to ICloud. I searched this generally in Google and found a Quora question and answer which identified more clearly what I was after.

  • Ashok Ashok

    Great application and easy to use. Worth the money

    Update to ios 10.2 , my wifi conneted failed and then my notes all gone. I used iRefone tool and got all my work notes back. Thanks.

  • Alva Alva

    Really a user friendly data recovery tool for iPhone

    Bought two versions and both of them worked good. My sister said it run smoothly on her Macbook

  • Allyson Allyson

    Fast and easy to use, like it.

    It restored all the needed WhatsApp messages. It is pity that it not support KIK.

  • Kane Kane

    Excellent!!!!You really have to download this wonderful software...

    Basically speaking, did what one data recovery tool should do. Retrieved my lost contacts and call logs

  • Robert Robert

    It worked fine to recover my deleted items,

    The little program works good with my iPhone 7 which runs iOS 10. Very hard working team.

  • Wilfred Wilfred

    Very good, nicely done. this software is great for recovering files.

    Contact lost by unknown reason and with this software I can retrieve them easily...Thank you

  • Lydia Lydia

    Really a user friendly data recovery tool for iPhone

    Couldn't find the data from "recover from ios" mode, i guess the deleted data is already overwritten. But luckily i extracted most of the deleted files from iTunes backup using "recover from itunes" mode. Thanks!!!!

  • Heathy Heathy

    I'm out of anxiety with the software

    It recovered my deleted notes! Gorgeous! These accidentally deleted notes are so important to me and now I can see them again!

  • Ravi Ravi


    It retrieved my iMessages which was deleted one month ago! You really have to download this wonderful software.

  • Soldati Soldati

    Very satisfied with the recovery result!!

    I am very lucky to buy this software for getting my lost contacts from iPhone back. It is very easy to use with directive interface.