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  • Jennie Pless Jennie Pless

    Fantastic software

    Thank you so much for the help with my cell phone. The recover process takes about 20 minutes.The software helps me with my issue and not loose my data, contacts & all my pictures. I just can`t thank you enough!!!

  • Thelma Thelma

    I like it!

    I had been trying to retrieve pictures from a backup of my iphone that wouldnt restore to my new phone.Good job and the scanning speed is faster than other similar software. Keep on working.

  • Jake Wilks Jake Wilks

    It worked sufficiently

    I used the software to recover data that somehow would not load back onto my iPhone 6 upon upgrading to iOS 10 Beta.I was able to recover all of the pictures and other data from iTunes backup. Thank you for saving my data. I would recommend to all of my frineds.

  • Alicia Alicia

    Good job it has done!

    This is really brilliant tool. I got all my lost notes back from iTunes backup. Really pleased with this. I actually purchased another program first (cool something) and it did not work.So a very good purchase all round!


    Really good program

    It had a little problem during the scanning, but the support helped me solved it and it recovered my messages successfully. Just works as describled!

  • André Rodrigues André Rodrigues

    Easy to use!

    iRefone for Mac is very use to use even you did not have any guide. Just follow the software and you could reocver lost data.That's so amazing. I never image that there is the software like this could help me get back lost data. So easy!

  • Emily russell Emily russell

    Fast Recovery speed and best recovery results.

    It feels so painful when someone loses his important data. It happened with me as well but thank god this software was there to fix my problem.There are so many special things about this product and you can only experience those when you actually use it. I enjoyed all of them.

  • Wal Glynn Wal Glynn

    irefone recovered my messages

    This most probably the best program to recover lost file on your Iphone I have tried, and believe I have tried them all. This is the best. Great support also.

  • Frank Smith Frank Smith

    Success to recover my Wechat history

    I have tried many data recovery software like Dr.fone, iMyfone,etc. But only iRefone helped me find my deleted Wechat messages successful.Very cool and did what I Need.It is better if it could help recover these deleted messages back my iPhone directly. Any way, thanks iRefone and the service is really nice.

  • Joaquin Contreras Joaquin Contreras


    thank you for help. you help me to recover my deleted photos. this programme is excellent. I will use the program in cases of emergency. i advice to everybody to use this programme if you delete needed information

  • Shankar Mishra Shankar Mishra


    Thank you very much for your help, the software has worked perfectly and saved me a lot of headache and hassle.

  • Essa ALmarhoon Essa ALmarhoon

    Useful Tool

    The clear description about this software helps me a lot when purchasing it. I need a product to help me recover Messages, Call history, Notes and Reminder from my iPhone 5C.